Friday, August 26, 2011

Dave Holland Quintet: "Not for Nothin'" (2002)

I can't say enough good things about this record. Dave Holland is among the best jazz bandleaders of all time. He got his start playing some crazy shit with Miles Davis, but has grown increasingly refined over the years.

This album is chock full of richly complex instrumental songs, like most albums posted on this blog. But the Dave Holland Quintet tells stories with their music better than most singer/songwriters.

The instrumentation is fairly unique. Robin Eubanks makes some crazy noises with a trombone. Chris Potter shreds saxophone like no other (what do you expect from a Steely Dan alum?). The band is rounded out by vibraphone, bass, and DRUMS. And the drums are nothing short of incendiary. Billy Killson ROCKS IT. In fact, I was given this album by my drum teacher when I was first learning jazz. So much for goofyass swing patterns!

Get yr mind sucked through the paper towel roll jazz tube thing by downloading this album here.

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