Friday, August 1, 2014

Big Bad Buffalo - American (2014)

These guys have been on my radar and have posted to our little fantastical facebook page where we have lively discussions about progressive...stuff.

Plenty of Swords (facebook page)

Annyywhose, these cats are playing sort of a 90's throw back indie style but with some nice little time shifts occasionally. Vocals are here as well and they are surprisingly catchy in an odd sort of way but it all comes together for a really fresh package. Check this out.


Oceanic - Origins (2014)

Like the long lost child of Jardin de la Croix. This Nova Scotia group dial down the metal elements of said group and focus on a much more experimental prog focused affair. At times incredibly busy and complex and other times fairly laid back but no less interesting. There's just not enough quality math prog out their and fewer even yet that can incorporate the metal element so seemlessly. Also would like to add for the record....mentioning Jardin in the first sentence of my little entry is a high honor as I feel they really exemplify the math metal genre to its fullest so highest praise sugar lips. This may not be as fun as blowing on a flaming lollipop but I can guarantee it tastes a whole lot better.


Jorge Arana Trio - Oso

Jorge Arana Trio had a really classy as shit album back in 2012 I really dug on and its been a few years but these guys are back. Id say this effort is a bit more rock centric than the far jazzier "Mapache" but hey I'd say its all the better for it. It's a fast and hard hitting release with insane chops but a rollicking soul thats just a lot of fun. Also just three guys? More people should be repping these cats. Highly surprised this group hasn't been on neighborhood watch years ago but theres always time to change. I know I plan on spreaking the gospel of this fantastic group high and low.