Sunday, December 22, 2013

Doom Salad - Whats for Dunch? (2013)

DOOM SALAD is like some sort of throw back prog with some heavy synthage. but twisty enough to satiate all the adoring math rockers. Not completely sold BUT they certainly have a sound of their own and for that props is due.

Vaya - (pre-release) 2013

Chicago math pop by way of indie rock. The windy city seems like a hot bed for progressive fair these days. Vaya instrumentally seems like they are pushing that pop to its very limit at all times. really technical work for sure. Its an odd yet enjoyable pairing to have almost lounge like singing (think a more capable David Longstreth from Dirty Projectors) with this great math back drop. This for sure will be a release to watch as the riffs are surely insteresting enough to hold your attention and pretty memorable to boot.


mOck - Components EP (2013)

Berlin based group mOck have one new song on display for us from their new EP. If you're not familiar these guys are a mixture of post-rock, intricate math rock and certainly some Jazz. Its all blended incredibly well without any chinks in the armor. This is a three piece that no one should be missing out on for sure.