Saturday, February 5, 2011


First off would like to thank Metaghost for getting me into these guys years ago. There are really only a couple things you need to realize about Natsumen. They describe themselves as a "Japanese Progressive HardCore JAZZ Aggressive Improvisation ROCK band" and really I'd be hard pressed to argue with such a tagging.  This stuff is gold with noisy abrasive guitars, intricate drumming and soaring horns. Maybe think Broken Social Scene with some balls minus vocals. Awesome Sauce

Friday, February 4, 2011

Animals as Leaders

Avant Tech. Metal

At the moment mostly a vehicle for 8 stringed guitarist Tosin Abasi, Animals as Leaders lives in a world that embraces left field metal. However they do now have a full band, this release is mostly the brain child of Abasi. Tosin's riff work is extremely varied in its approach and really makes these songs something special. I felt like after yesterdays post both Exivious and Animals as Leaders (while maybe not in songwriting) have a heavy reliance on Jazz. Animal's uses fairly unique chord progressions which opens the drums and bass up for some interesting interplay. YES

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Fusion Metal (weather channel metal)

Highly Tech. yet also very chilled and flowing, the wonderful fusion metal band Exivious is made up of members of the also amazing Cynic. Complex song structures and instrumentation abounds. The balance of Jazz and Metal is actually surprisingly equal. While having heard this you'd have thought they always belonged together. Extremely amazing.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Instrumental Post Rock Salad with a Balsamic Math Vinaigrette

Another member of the Hello Sir Records clan. While they share general qualities in common with Cinemechanica they employ much less punk aggression. Certainly not as angular as any of those groups either. A calmer more focused unit that likes to draw out their songs into twists and turns one might not expect. Lots of ideas we don't normally get a chance to hear (2:00 "Your Ships are Googlin Pretty Hard") I hear tell they are cooking up a new batch of cookies, color me excited. 


As far as "home improvements" My friend and trusted advisory officer "metaghost" has offered to lend his mix tape mastery to our fine establishment. Everyone should check out Vol.1 "Akachashu". My thoughts on it forth coming.

-Acerola Bank

metaghostin' Vol. 1 - "Akachashu"

Akachashu - 47'20"
1 - "彩-SAI-" (ACIDMAN / Equal / 2004)

ACIDMAN is one of the various Japanese rock groups dabbling in elements of what is generally considered Post-Rock, elongated compositions that emphasize texture and atmosphere over traditional pop structures. Like many of their Japanese contemporaries, they're technically proficient to an extreme, easily obscuring the fact that they're a three-piece. They can be somewhat dull, as the songs all end up sounding very similar to one another, but that one song they write time and time again has its place. They also get bonus points for being a Japanese group that primarily sings in Japanese, rather than ramshackle Engrish.

2 - "Shikaku Maru Ten" (CAN / Tago Mago B-Side / 1971)

I know the proprietor of this here blog is not the greatest fan of these Krautrock legends, but it's hard to deny the undeniable groove monster that was Jaki Liebezeit. He killed every track like a trap-kit assassin. As with most songs from their golden era with Damo Suzuki, they set up a pulse and just ride out into the sunset, all while Damo jabbers about whateverthefuck. I think this one is something about his favorite shapes.

3 - "Terra" (Caetano Veloso / Muito / 1978)

I don't really know anything about the man, nor do I know much about Brazilian music in general, but I love this song.

4 - "We're Strangers Now" (Happy Body Slow Brain / Dreams of Water / 2010)

Recent years have brought a rebirth in the use of unvarnished 80's synth patches, presumably because they can be paired so effortlessly with auto-tuned vocals. Here we have some dudes, two of whom used to mine mopey teenage pussy while touring with Taking Back Sunday, freaking some chunky pop-rock over Moog washes and sick sick sick drumming. Lesson learned: everything's better with some sick sick sick drumming.

5 - "Hilo" (Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra / Security / 2007)

New-school Afrobeat gurus who recently took their shit to Broadway in order bring the sound of Fela Kuti to the masses. Though that Afrobeat sound is obviously present, they keep it modern by letting the songs maintain some semblance of pop structures with vocal hooks and a more concise approach.

6 - "Low-Concept, High Maintenance" (Grüvis Malt / Backout Smiling / 2000)

One of my all-time favorite bands, managing to evolve out of the stifling musical culture of late 90's frat-rock and rap-metal, of which their first full-length has a number of similarities to. At some point they were approached by Sony and recorded a 3-song EP of material that would later appear on "...With the Spirit of a Traffic Jam" in slightly different form. The vocal cadence here still carries an air of their origins as heirs to the throne of 311, but the band had started to move away from the PBR party sound and embrace their talents (and weirdness) to flex on DnB rhythms, distorted metal licks, and dissonant brass harmonies.

7 - "Guider Tells of Silent Airborne Machine" (Henry Cow / Henry Cow Box / 197X)

By the sound of it, this was a loose composition from the Unrest-era, as the outro uses some piano motifs from "Half Awake, Half Asleep". Even at their most free they maintain this strange vibe that keeps me locked in. Not their best work by any means, but an interesting piece by a unique group.

8 - "Andy Warhol" (David Bowie / Hunky Dory / 1971)

I've always wondered if he actually recorded this in one take as the intro seems to be suggesting. A great song on a great album.

9 - "A Bao A Qu" (Boris / Mabuta no Ura / 2005)

Wrap it up, B! Fuzzed out trashy anthems, Boris does it best. Blow out yr speakers!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fever Sleeves - Soft Pipes, Play On

Post-Hardcore Math Pop (that knows how to have a good time)

Figured Id stay with the San Diego Math since yesterday was Stage Kids. These gents meld occasionally harsh guitar with some fairly poppy vocals and excellent drumming.  You can tell they have a love of many different kinds of music as some fun punk or electronic things crop up. Yes I do love glockenspiel, why thank you by the way. Wont light your curtains on fire but will keep your feet warm at night.

Soft Pipes, Play On

Monday, January 31, 2011

Stage Kids

Instrumental Math Rock that flirts with the girl in the back of the class, Electronica

Theres a certain quality in math rock that I feel is that special "magic dust" thats sets a group apart. A lot of the newer groups lack this heart. With my first listenings of Stage Kids I knew this would be another pass and forget.........

PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT EVERYONE, your mom, grandmas, foxes, uncle ricky. 

A lot of people are saying "these guys show a lot of promise for being young" Age has nothing to do with it. Its a first effort teaming with ideas and is a shot better than most of the dreg that I put up with everyday. Ive gotta say if they can incorporate those stellar electronic elements into their math they will be a force like no other. As would be expected instrumentation is king. Never to flighty or for guitars to get a like chuggy when needed. Can't wait to see whats next. 

Mister Metaphor

Indie Math-Rock

Very short lived but extremely amazing vocal centric math rock. Whats interesting is that few bands really try to go all out with the vocals and the music has to be dumbed down in order for this to happen. Not the case at all here. Surprisingly catchy as hell. Drums are filling every bar like they could never hope to play a straight beat. One guitar usually plays "straight man" to the abrasive second guitar. Indeed this is something every fan of fast and intricate math rock should check out.

Die on the High Road EP

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Taste of Rain....Why Kneel (1999)

 Underground Hip-Hop

 The Anticon super group featuring Sole, Alias, Dose One and Slug. Anyone even casually familiar with underground hip-hop understands the importance of the Anticon label. This was practically the labels mission statement on life and their musical battle plan. While each of these MC's have/had great solo careers after this, truthfully they are at their strongest trading verses here. With quick verses each MC is not allowed to fall into his own short comings. Each idea is well developed and each song follows a particular theme. Not too mention there are some sick beats backing the whole affair up mostly by Jel (currently in Subtle) and Abilities. A surprising first effort.

The Taste of Rain.....Why Kneel