Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shield Your Eyes

London based Shield Your Eyes have been banging out incredibly solid noise for a couple years now.
They have been mentioned in passing on this site and our facebook group...but they most certainly deserve a more formal appreciation. A power trio in every sense of the word. Not your standard math rock either more of a prog-blues with time signature bending flirtations. Some pretty gal dern unique guitar riffs flying in and out of this as well  which I believe makes it that much more special. At times noisey and chaotic yet can move rather quickly to something much more subdued from song to song or within a song. 

Volume 4 is there 2011 release which is a great place to start with these guys

Live performance that is well recorded and downloadable for free....yes free. 

Also just as a question here... do people listen to podcasts? if we did one would anyone listen? The idea has been floating around to have a plenty of swords podcast but if it sounds like a bad idea...well let us know please.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dore Mear Beon - EP (2012)

Sooo Dore Mear Beon were a part of a previous post of mine (submission hold round up)
I had some generally good impressions of Andrew Sagriff's first solo effort (curiously replaced by this ep) and it looks like he has a brand new joint out. Gotta say kitties this is a much more focused sound. Still my one gripe would be the programmed drums....gotta say it doesn't hurt the songs but with some live drums it would give this a serious shot in the arm. The guitars themselves are pretty inspired and theres some great moments with the interplay between the two leads. I think a lot of people will end up really enjoying Andrew's take on math rock.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zefs Chasing Cara - Muscle Peel / Pit Keeper

Ok so this isn't "NEW" Zef's that has been in the works for a bit but its some older stuff our ears haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. In conclusion I am happy with this as any and all from this wonderful one man machine I need...and by extension you need. Unfamiliar? Thats a borderline deal breaker so get in the good graces and relive the magic or some such. Did i mention both these songs are the tits?

Monday, December 17, 2012


As I have stated before its easier now more than ever to find math rock centered info on the interwebs. Quality? well theres not a lot but when I do come across something ( cough cough New Noise Archives cough cough) I like to give props where do. The sub reddit Calculus and Whatnot is a great resource. It is frequented by good knowledgeable contributors and math bands alike.
 Learn and Love it.  
     It is here that I happened across this very excellent three piece. Barky, a NY based avant instrumental jazz rock group. It is the main vehicle for song writer Scott Barkan. While his own work is unassumingly un math this power trio oozes with complex rhythms, brilliant stuff.  Everyone here will enjoy.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

U SCO - NEST (2012)

Let me get this off my chest and say I am so freaking glad U SCO are back in the game with a new release. Missed their first offering? You best check that at some point as well. This trio of death features members of two very wonderful math rock groups, Duck Little Brother Duck and With Eyes Abstract. Ryan Miller of With Eyes Abstract is without a doubt an INCREDIBLY under rated guitar player and should be right along side some of the best. Dark Prog influences with elements of noise and of course that math rock we crave. Amazing stuff.

Babar is Back!

 Its been a couple years since we've see them but they are back in full force. Check out this devastating instrumental math unit if your unfamiliar. 

Year End Round Up (Part 3)



Bring in the pastoral post-math rock by way of a drum and guitar duo. Really chilled sounds even when the tempo heats up a bit. Is it a coincidence one of these songs is named "My Little Viking"? hmm I'll let you be the judge. 

Provide some serious instrumental math magic. Nice and Energetic vibe's and some solid melodies running through this beast. Be sure to check out their last release as well.  UK based with enough to ground them in some similar style groups while still maintaining their own sound. Golden.
Rock and Roll doused with chain mail of math and helm of indie experimental. Really enjoying these guys lately. Vocals as well are a bit different yet mesh surprisingly well. warning as well your going to have a bit of awesome drumming occurring, watch your faces. 
Lovely and disjointed math-prog with a surprisingly decent sense of melody. Interested in Rhythmic changes? yea ugh this is whats up. Never in danger however to come apart at the seems just really impressive songwriting.  Their bandcamp states "No feckin tappin or slappin" fair enough im in. 

Math-pop by way of the UK good stuff. I dare you to listen to this and not enjoy. Not a really great dare I know. 



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Macho Muchacho - Eme Eme (2012)

Tap-happy frenetic music from Ecuador with no words and even more notes. A lot packed into this brief EP but there are some good melodies going on here as well. Hope to see more from these guys in the future. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year End Round Up (Part 2)

Part Deux....

as far as I can tell is a one man affair that skirts the line between some pastoral indie rock, math rock and even a dash of post-hardcore lite. Really an incredibly solid release and has just the right amount of originality to set it apart from the pack. Always interesting with some pretty unpredictable moments in their for the ADD crowd. Myself included. 


Delicious Death
Have I mentioned this one man effort before? Its been a favorite of mine since I first heard. A really great continuation of Damiera style songcraft. An instrumental version however. Must hear.
Super energetic math rock to get you moving. Strong and busy sound for a three piece. These Rhode Island Native's newest on their bandcamp has added some more textural dynamics and singing which only makes them all the better for it 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Year End Round Up (part 1)

This is by no means a post to down play the sweetness of any of the groups below. All of these fine releases have been on my person for a spell and as 2012 comes to an end I need to have some closure. This will be a multi-part post and continue through December.

side bar: why is there not a band called "progressive knife"?

Mayors of Miyazaki 
dropped a nice little split with death pedal's in Nov. I keep coming back to their brazen all out attack. Punchy production and some nice shouty math's. watch these kittens

Little Hunts
is a one man effort that indulges more the post rock end of the math spectrum but certainly no less exciting for it. Jamie Darken weaves some pretty interesting math rock twists in what seems to be his first outing. Really interesting and strong ideas. However I could really use some live drums. 


Has a really nice mix of driving post-punk, indie rock and math rock. mixing and matching where needed to great effect. Really tidy little EP that proves a lot in its 6 track length. Well done vocals as well. Some left field moments really spice this outing up and have me highly excited for something new. Must Have. Must Have. 2010 you say? yea well I cant be on time to every party.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hikes - Shepards Clock (2012)

First off...take a moment...breath.... now click on the bandcamp link below and listen to the track Hikes has on for display. Come back when you are done I'll wait here.


Seriously it could open a portal into another dimension. The rest of the song? equally gorgeous. These cats have something truly special brewing and I need more of whatever they are currently dishing out. Math Rock? yea sure but that guitar has clear Folk finger picking down home goodness baked in. harmonies? check. Sweet memorable melodies? check. Soaring boy/girl vocals? check. If this was part of an album and every song was this arresting I would dare say I'd need to block off some time to digest it. Can't say enough good things about this other than "I NEED MORE"


One Lick Less - & we could be quiet

Been sitting on this duo for a bit. Not for lack of enjoyment but just for processing sake. This as a lot of my posts lately has some questionable math validity however traces do crop up. This two dude affair is a mix of moody post-rock, improv, indie rock and some folk rock style guitar riffs.  The BPM's on display here are more of the slow core variety however this should deter no one. Very clear old school 90's flavors as well.  Some vocals as well. Check er


Sunday, December 2, 2012

At Years End....Almost

We are quickly approaching the end of our very own year 2012. There have been a A LOT of math rock releases with many of them still in heavy rotation for myself. I highly dislike year end lists...for a number of reasons that I'm not going to get into. Boring bits. However I would like to point out two groups that have managed to keep my brain in a death strangle hold since earlier in the year. 


#1:Renaissance Sound. 

to this EP. 

Honestly just so fresh and interesting. While many of the groups this year falling on the well worn "rock" portion of "math rock" these cats are laying down highly calculated jazz that hints at math. Sure some of you may question how valid this position is given that you could argue this is just straight jazz. But come on at the heart of this release youve got a honest to god math group. With another EP on the way I am very much hoping these gentlemen continue to capture my heart. 


Another wild exception to this would almost certainly have to go to Gastric Bands brain melting mutant world music math.

Heavy on the percussion with interesting rhythms all over this beast. Classic progressive rock mixed with equal parts math. Truth be told this is what I need when I am listening to a math group do their thing. Again being able to go out on a limb and trying something a little left of center goes a long way.

Both of these groups get a gold star in my book this year and I couldn't be more excited to hear from both in the future.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Louie Baltazar - These were the days

Electro ambient math that could be equated to a nice walk through the park in the best way possible. Ups for trying for something off the path a bit and tends to follow at times a zefs chasing cara vibe. A very guitar oriented affair as well. Check it out please and thank you.


Ilya - Mutyuma

Curve ball coming right to your faces peeps. Ilya is a japanese group that plays a very singular style of music. Truthfully very little of it has to do with math rock... sue me. That does not mean it lacks in pure musical excellence. This stuff is a mix of classical music styled instrumentation, post-rock, metal and progressive math. The way these pieces fit together is the true star here because under less capable hands this could be an ugly ugly mess. HIGH REC's.

Link in comments :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Avian Architecture - Gemini Talons (EP)

The spirit of psychedelic prog runs strong with these two ghost runners.  But to tag as an automatic throw back? nah brah shit is updated and upgraded. Heavy electronic elements and a drummer that seriously never takes a millisecond break. Is this mathy? eehhhh id be hard pressed to make a case for that but there are certain songs that have there moments. however those that enjoy such ventures will latch right onto the frentic drums and chaotic music. 

Zorch on some kind of roids bender? yea maybe


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fugue (2009-2012)

Easily my favorite local band from Connecticut that I've also had the privilege to befriend and share the stage with, Fugue was a 5 (later 6) piece instrumental act that breathed some life into an otherwise drab scene at the time and the following they would eventually build in their too-short time together gave me some hope for my home state's musical output.

With influences spanning from Toe and Tera Melos to black metal and post rock, their 3 ep's show a natural progression in songwriting, and texture and dynamics fully backed by entrancing, passionate live performances. I'll stop sounding like a fanboy and let the music speak for itself, their albums are all free from their bandcamp, Years being their most accomplished effort but I'll always consider their debut, Ancient Glass and their signature live song, "The Sleep of Reason..." my favorite.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

3dCosby - Satans Secret (2012)

My great state of New York is home to many amazing musical acts. In the realm of Math Rock the number only seems to be growing. 3dCosby are an interesting case when it comes to the typical smash and grab math we post here. Sure certain passages and songs can make the claim but there is a much stronger progressive vibe running through these pieces. It is to the duo's credit that they manage to internalize a lot of loved genre's into very much there own deal. Dont like one song? well chances are there will be something for you as these guys seem incredibly comfortable bouncing back and forth on whim. Check er ut.


Russian Blue - Etiquette EP (2012)

Some really good UK based math rock with equal parts indie rock lovins. Vocals are plentiful and add to the proceedings. Nice breakdowns and some curves thrown in for the ADD crowd (myself included) Solid stuff here peepsis.


Deer Legs - Demo

Strong willed demo as it is this three piece from Chicago busts out of the gates with some promising tunes. Large levels of instrumentality. Very excited to hear the final products of these sketches :)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Johnny Foreigner - Names

Apologies fellows and felletes as I have not been so active on the swords but fear not...

Johnny Foreigner are an excellent english band that are high energy rock with lots of interesting twists. No tapping heroic bouts here but there are always a heaping helping of fantastic vocals (boy girl at that). Please check these three tracks out and certainly explore the rest.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten Past Seven

These guys are frickin awesome!! i cant believe i forgot to post them before!? went to see them play last night....hadn't seen them play in a few years. they still have bucket loads of energy!!

Ten Past Seven are a three-piece instrumental shower from Kerry. In 2006 they released their debut album "Shut Up Your Face" on Out On A Limb Records. 2007 saw the band climb Carrantuohill (Irelands tallest mountain) and release the split 7" with Los Langeros "The Highest Bands In Ireland". Over the last few years they've toured Ireland extensively, played support to their heros and made jaunts overseas.
Their latest EP, ‘Bothar Buí’ (2010) very much reflects how a young band chose not to remain static but to constantly evolve and move forward. The title track features vocals by Katie Kim as well as remixed tracks by Kevin Blake, Toby Kaar and Molotov Ape and Laura Sheeran. However, this is not just about the sound; ‘Bothar Buí’ has been produced with a limited run of 100 pieces of slate each imprinted with an individual image. The are constantly developing new ideas and ways to deliver their music without the constraints of convention and finding alternative ways to carry their sound and concepts through to different audiences.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wishbone - Et Cetera (2012)

I am a large dork for anything progressive and post-hardcore. To make a long boring story short I was just listening to this new (ish) release by a band from South Jersey called Wishbone that fires on all cylinders. Has a little bit of mathy elements but check your bags at the door this is some nasty post-hardcore with inspired structures and solid vox.

et cetera

Hello Jupiter - Do I Dare.. (2012)

These three gentlemen have managed to release a formidable EP here. Truthfully I've been holding this one close to my chest...its a stunner. Surprised I haven't seen more math bro's hoisting the main sails for this. Technical instrumentally without being annoying?, check.  This is even pretty vocal heavy as well and as you could guess its floats without a hitch. Maybe what I appreciate most is its very obvious restless nature. From point to point pleasantly wonderful curveballs get thrown in but they never seem out of place. Stop and listen, it's been a minute since I've taken in something this assured in the math pop/rock realm. 


ps: that freaking first song....jesust so good.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ribbons - The Return of RBZ (2012)

 Very pastoral math rock with a high attention not only to the instruments but the very excellent vocals. Maybe even a little post-emo? eh its just quality stuff in these all to short four songs.  Call me a sucker but  I am always attracted to these one man projections. Matt Kiefer does a brilliant job of balancing all of the elements and creating a highly engaging package. This cup is full ladies and gents do not miss this one.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jazz for Kids - B A B (single)

Consider this a bookmark of sorts for this up and coming release by Jazz for Kids. The vision of one artist, Jeremy Myint. All that I have to say is "wow". This is some self assured music that blends a couple more progressive genre stylings in an extremely pleasant way. Math rock via guitar tapping melded with Jazz fusion (not your fathers fusion mind you). With a lot of these one man efforts the ability to translate "intricate" styles and make them seemingly "effortless" is something that has always attracted me to projects such as this. That being said the crown jewel here I would say are these vocals that perfectly dance atop the proceedings in a way that only the composer of this music could.  So if your still saying "why all the fuss about one song?" well im making the call now.  Come Dec. when the full release comes out its going to be something a whole lot of math heads will be rubber necking about. You wont be sorry. 


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grass is Green

gush gush gush gush.

I'll admit when our "Mr Troop of Echoes" drummer Dan Moriarty first brought their 2011 effort to my attention..I wasn't sold. A girl's allowed to change her mind right??!! Well now is your chance to learn from my mistake. High Energy extremely creative indie prog.  Seriously when these songs turn corners I want to pump my first and scream "GREAT FRICKEN IDEA" haha. This is going to sound maybe a bit off base but think of a youthful and excited version of Polvo. Really inspired rock music that is one hard animal to pin down. Sure they clearly love them some prog rock and math nastiness but the indie rock vibe is strong and blah blah blah. At this juncture just go to their bandcamp and get your knowledge on. This is music to be listened to..not explained. Let me shut me yammer.


Prismatic Mantis - Umbrella (2008)

In the mood to exit the room your sitting in? Stick those headphones in because this is something thats sure to take your mind away for at least the duration of of this record.

Prismatic Mantis inhabit a realm of ambient shifts that glide toward controlled chaos.  Within this ecosystem at odds, the creatures that have acclimated to such a habit truly run the range as well. Acoustic spanish tinged guitar, space-jazz (space-jam?), math rock, electronic, controlled noise, sampled music and progressive rock. All of this and more with a layer of psychedelia blanketed on top. I use these organic words because what you're about to experience is a very natural sounding project that is incredibly honest.  With everything firing its easy to assume that it could come off incredibly cold....this is the furthest from the truth one would imagine.

I can't stress this enough. This is beautiful work from individuals that have a clear vision and are artistically restless. Rarely does one run head first into a work so dense and chalk full of ideas. To close, I would like to thank those responsible for opening my vision and to plead to our limited readers that this is something that you should not pass by without giving this a heavy listen.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Racquets / Exchampion

 Getting smacked in the face by music is one of my more favorite things to have happen to me when I have a first run through of an album.

Racquets - occupies a space in music that is electronic but also with live instrumentation. sounds simple enough however this stuff is (((((INCREDIBLY)))) busy, jazzy, occationally funky, and one of our over used words here "mathy". Everyone should be excited about this because it is just something you've gotta check out. The production on those nimble drums just sets my heart ablaze with love. jesus christmas nuts this is one those groups that just as you think they are done doing something sweet THEY DO SOMETHING EVEN MORE BRAIN MELTING. PLEASE!

Exchampion - A side project of Raquets is similiar in some ways but different in some pretty interesting ways. Exchampion while still seemingly having some live instrumentation seems more focused on synth's and different sounds than their main project. I perfer the above better but its kind of like saying I prefer green tea to peppermint tea, both rock me to my core.

please do yourselves a favor :)

Midair - Faceache (2012)

Math rock from down south via Richmond Virginia. Midair play an incredibly self assured blend of math rock with a bit of post-hardcore and post-rock leanings. Vocals? yea some of those happen. But these guys have some serious ideas ripping through these songs. Nothing incredibly odd or angular but just great dual guitar interplay with the drums. Some pretty memorable melodic lines as well, thats something I can always get behind. The great thing at least to my ears is that none of this sounds recycled.  Not to only that but their is an ambiguity in the play style that could easily trick me into thinking this could have come from years ago. Strong thumbs up on these hands from this guy. Give em some love.


Mugsy Boges - Sangfroid (2012)

Saratoga Springs NY based band that is holding down some really interesting jams here.
I say this because there are a lot of genres being bandied about. Indie rock, twinkly guitars, straight up math rock, alt rock and a spritz of pop punk for flavor. In spirit I kind of get a little bit of a Grown Up's vibe going and this can only mean good things. I appreciate the playing style here as it is pretty loose which isn't usually something I get totally down with. These guys are younger and its a first release but I say pretty dang darn stronger than a lot of first efforts. The vocals actually ended up surprising me in a good way on that second track. Worth the peaking effort as there is certainly something for everyone.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arcing - Doubt (2012)

Tiny Hawks? anyone?
Dont fret Papa Swords is HERE.

Arcing is essentially Tiny Hawks with the addition of a bassist. What does it mean to you? Well it means your face is going to be pounded by awesome on all fronts. No really this stuff is so so so so good it cant be healthy. The music here is an updation of what Tiny Hawks were trying to do. A shout style aggressive math punk with a technical edge and just the right amount of melody from the guitar. It truly is a taste sensation that can't be beat.  I can safely say few bands going right now can match these cats in what is going down. If any of this sounds interesting or if you just want me to listen to something with the promise that it will be awesome...well this is it friends club.


The Littlest Viking - The Littlest Viking (2012)

 Last time on Plenty of Swords..

Any human animal that has stumbled upon our page with at least a passing interest in math rockery should be familiar with these two boys. The Littlest Viking lay down some really great down to earth math rock with more of a focus on song craft than guit shredin. This new release is a restless one to be sure with different flavors being added to the mix. Vocals make more than a few appearances and dont seem to really grab me by the throat like I had hoped. Really the songs are at their best when these two are laying down emotional instrumental rock.  Admittedly I found the rhythms to be a bit more straight forward than last go. Yes there are some very solid songs going here that I will prolly come back to but on the whole...I'm feeling a little let down. Time could be the great decider however once I get more of a chance to spend time with this one.

Also someone must have eaten the "pop punk pill" on a couple of these jammers


Carson Wells - Wonderkid (2012)

First off before I dive in I would like to just say that I appreciate all the awesome posting thats been going on here at the swords in my absence (heres looking at you twinzy) I have just arrived back from spending a week out of the country with my family to get married in the Bahamas which was truly a one of a kind experience.

Scotland based Carson Wells seems to split the difference between a sort of energized post punk with melodic screaming and more technical math rock style especially with the drums (a plus). Very solid songs where every instrument is doing something vital and awesome at all times. It has a bit of a post rocky vibe as well but not much.Trust me when I say if you spend any time with these guys you wont regret it in the least.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Bats - The Sleep of Reason (2012)

The last release on the Richter Collective label. Epic album from Dublin math-rock scientists!!

sorry for the lack of posts recently, hopefully this will make up for that!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Manray - Tournament (2011)

One of the newest editions to the great Athens, Georgia based label, Hello Sir Records (home to Cinemechanica, Bronzed Chorus, Antarctic) this is some intense, driving, math ROCK. Think early Adebisi Shank with occasional shouted vocals or Battles crossed with Fugazi. Also reminds me of Alarma Man. If you dont know them, perhaps I should post that next. Check it!

Scarlet (2011)

Rhode Island boys Scarlet are practioners of the in vogue "POP MATH" style of music.

Those vocals are sure to melt even the most stone hearts...for sure. Scarlet is no slouch in the instrumentaling either. Firing on all cylinders they are Incredibly tight and keep things very accessible even when things get a bit tricksy.  A lot of pop math misses the mark as far as catchy hooks and vocals so if that is what you like (and who doesn't?) then these guys are whats up. Be sure to check out all of there shtuff on the camp.

s c a r l e t

Axes (2011)

London based Alt math rock group.

Super tight bizz. Think if Fago Sepia was invited to a rad party. Sure the good times do eventually chill a bit but the melodies are strong enough to carry even the less frantic parts. Can only imagine a full length release will mean stronger songs :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

14 Foot 1 - "Christ Grenades" [2007]

14 Foot 1 – “Christ Grenades” [2007]
Math-rock is the new punk. 
14 Foot 1’s “Christ Grenades” is a super fun album.
  Youthful, catchy, sloppy, life-affirming math for your ears.
 These kids were dreaming big, and they actually managed to pull of some pretty rad moments.  The songs are kinetic and fun, and there is some electronic / overdubbed ear candy interspersed to spice things up. 
These guys still play shows from time to time, and its rumored that a new album is on the way.  Stay tuned!