Friday, August 12, 2011

Enemies - We've Been Talking (2010)

O now this is some classy stuff right here my friends. I had for a time sat on an earlier two song EP of theirs
(Bits of Parrots / Feed me Seedles) which was extremely well done post-rock style math-rock. Having seen that they had a full length release I listened and was extremely impressed. These boys from Ireland have a dynamic sound going that is much more interesting post rock than the math end of things. That in fact does not stop it from being compositionally complex and mature.  What I enjoy most is that no sound is wasted everything instrument going on however small plays an integral role in setting the mood. I suppose I could prattle on and on about how solid every single one of these songs are...but I'm not going to. Instead let me just say that it's in everyone's best interest to listen or be sad.  

We've Been Talking (2010)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fiasco: Native Canadians (2008)

I've only had this record for a short time, so it hasn't fully sunken in yet. But at first listen its pretty gnarly. The record is fairly spazz-tacular. Super tappy, kinetic, and aggressive. The interlocking guitar and bass parts manage to stay away from most annoying cliches and say something original and interesting. The songs themselves aren't the most cohesive, but the band captures a certain sound that ties everything together. Production is thin, but this actually lends a distinctive character to the album as opposed to being super annoying. The dudes are young, and one of them is the offspring of Steve Buschemi. So that's something.

Check it HERE.
(Edited by twinz)
and the Fiasco bandcamp with free download of "God Loves Fiasco"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bygones - by- (2009)

Both Nick Reinhart  (guitarist of Tera Melos) and Zach Hill (drummer of Hella) are at the top of the mathy heap when it comes to their respective instruments. It was really only natural when the two decided to start playing together and we are graced with this excellent release. What is refreshing is that both musicians have adapted to each others playing style in such a way that brings out the best in both players. Zach's detractors have always pointed out "pointless and endless" fills but with Bygones he really reigns it in nicely while style managing a chaotic and inventive presence on the kit. Nick plays with a very riff based style which actually turned out to be an evolution of his style and carried over directly to Tera Melos's newest release Patagonian Rats. Its a great album with lots of chemistry between the two players.  The pop vocalizing makes some of the more labyrinthine passages more palatable and just adds a great element in its own right.

By (2009)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Polaris - "Family" (2004)

Have I got a treat for you!

Well, only sort of.

Polaris is a Japanese band that's uh... quite dissimilar from everything else we post on here. I can't find too much information about them, though I know they're rather prolific. They apparently formed in the last decade after the dissolution of a group called Fishmans, continuing on with that band's style of dub-influenced pop. "Family" is maybe their 3rd album, but again, I'm not too sure, as information in English is sparse. Oftentimes it sounds like an aggressive mash of Jamiroquai and the Dave Matthews Band. And yeah, I know, that's like the musical equivalent of synthesizing AIDS and cancer.

But somehow it still works. Give it a chance, even if the first couple tracks don't stick.

Polaris - "Family" (2004)

(Note - Apparently this album just got remastered and re-released in June of this year. This is NOT that version.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meniscus - Absence of I (2007)

Post Metal can be a tricky sort of see she's been around the block awhile and her "tricks" aren't all that original anymore.  Seriously look at all the acts that sound exactly like Isis. Australian group Meniscus take a familiar approach with some welcome variations. For one its pretty ambient and jazzy at times. Sure these Aussie's get heavy handed with the metal chug but this is certainly more tech than it lets on. I'm fairly certain they have just released a new album with a new drummer this year but I am woefully unfamiliar.

My apologies for not posting as frequently. I am in the throws of purchasing my first home so bear with my sporadic posting habits.

Absence of I (2007)