Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chapter Books - Too Strong (2014)

Looks as though Chapter Books has graced us with a...wait for "chapter" hehe. 

As previously discussed here on their debut EP we have a great cross section of punk energy, indie emo base and occasional mathy guitar interplay. On their newest full length we have a few re-recordings and a barn load of new animals. This is the right kind of production for steez like this. Guitar's "Twinkle" (hate that term) and crunch when needed.  Sounds great all gussied up for sure.  Some aspects of these guys I'm really chiseling on are as everyone takes a step back and the guitars are bare, you really get to see some beautiful well thought out licks. Taken as a whole its the total package for this kind of ilk and without a bum arm in the mix.  show the love folks and spread it thoroughly this baby just got borned up....TONIGHT!  :)