Saturday, February 23, 2013

We Scare Coyotes - PF Flyers (DEMO)

They must know my math rock weakness!? 
Strings in math 
its all over.

ok ok ok 

Think a little old school mercury program with violin. But yes incredibly well structured post rock by way of mathy goodness. We Scare Coyotes are a five piece by way of Texas. What I am impressed the most with though is that we have:

1. A Demo
2. A LIVE Demo

and its just so good. Thankfully the violin isn't content to just sit back and solo but takes various rolls throughout a song. 

Enough talking and reading. Go listen. 


 Great rhythms going on for
Math Pop 
Welcoming the vocals in. 
Breath deep. 

No Shoes - Chocolate Pudding (Single) 2013

Great Intro
Solid as hell Single 

Really appreciate the left turns that are thrown in by the guitars.  Structured as mild mannered indie math but this is anything but. Some noise pop / shoegaze elements goes a long way in giving these guys a very unique sound. Its a hard road to travel for a lot of bands that try adding atmosphere to their cutting math rock. No Shoes pull this off really well without  muddying their vision. Certainly a more creative breed is at work on this and for that gold stars all around. Highly interested in hearing more...much more. 
Did I mention I love that intro? 
 Intro's need to make a comeback. 
Lets start here.

Quadrupède - Quadrupède (2013)

French electro math duo. 
Starts off pretty unassuming but give it a moment and trust that things just
get better and better. Incredible balance of electronic elements mixed with interesting post rock builds and the beating heart of math rock. Some genuinely unique sounds here along with some stellar percussion. A favorite of the moment actually.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sparhawks - Demo 2012

Some pretty refreshing instrumental post-rock musics going down. Mathy? eh not as much as id like but certainly some smatterings here and there.
Boston group Sparhawks have a familiar sound sure, but that doesn't take away from the fact that songs always have an incredible honesty. Not only that but its a lot of fun. Throw in some pretty sensational drumming moments and varied guitar atmosphere and thats a recipe for some solid ass rock music. 
Like I said this is familiar territory for a lot of groups....but to see this young group succeeding on all cylinders makes me that much more excited to see whats in store for the full length. Good Stuff.