Time to get in depth, boring and exploratory:

In late 2010 I started this blog. It was mostly a reactionary choice after not being satisfied with the current state of coverage of current Math Rock and Progressive groups.

(AKA) Acerola, Bank, Tiger Mark, Lockless Artifice  
I am no gifted writer. Nor a particularly gifted musician. Learning drums from a tortured yet extremely talented jazz drummer in my youth moving onto lessons from an amazingly popular metal drummer (you've all heard his music...he will remain nameless) and self taught guitarist. In bands from the beginning of High School until the birth of my son after my college years.  Ranging in genre all the way from Nirvana clone to Prog Jazz Metal. I like to give perspective because my background informs what I enjoy and dont enjoy in music. Plenty of Swords was started to share what I love with like minded individuals and non like minded alike.

Band Submissions: 
We do take them and love them. 
Does it mean everything we get sent gets posted? 

no :)