Thursday, November 27, 2014

Axes - Glory (2014)

Great debut album.

"Axes are a four piece based in London via Essex, Scotland, Iran and Denmark who create exciting and surprising instrumental music that combines playful melodic hooks, brutal dissonance and danceable grooves, reminiscent of label-mates Talons and Adebisi Shank."


(I feel its missing something but i just cant put my finger on it....anyone?!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I've got a few things to say about this year because it was a rough one in a lot of ways. It was a year of extremes to be sure. On one end, I feel as though there was/is an over abundance of young groups this year on the poppier end. Just barely enough chops to throw a quick syncopated change in and call themselves "math". There's nothing wrong with being an indie rock group but embrace that if thats what you are....Other side of the coin was a complete retreat into over indulgence. You want blistering riffs that never end? check. but wheres the meat? the soul?

I digress. on to my list.

1) Sleep for the Nightlife - Minimalist Cities
 ( Bandcamp, Facebook)
This was an easy choice for me this year. Released all the way back in January, this album had legs for miles. It has all the trappings of a true blue math rock band that has formally come into their own as well as totally embracing their past. What sets this apart from the throng? Well for one...Drums. As in a majority of the greatest progressive groups the drummer isn't merely a supporting character, nay. Percussion is very much the motorist to this car. Also its groovy as fuck and is constantly getting stuck in my head, what a deal. When sheer passion and love for the music can be felt then you know you're listening to something that you shouldn't easily dismiss, but an album to hold onto for years to come.

2) The Slaughterhouse 5 - Alban B. Clay 
Having struck my death radar in march of 2013 their full length wouldn't be released until 2014 which given that time I'd gladly waiting another year. Few times do I listen to a progressive/math group with the intention of listening to lyrics and following the story at hand but I've gotta say these boys from Denmark hit onto something so very much their own. Its been a favorite ever since. While its light on the instrumental twists the lyrical drama and atmosphere is enough to keep you coming back.

3)Stepfriends - All We've Got
Ok, for sheer number of times I've listened to this beast since it was handed over to me it should win some kind of special award. But seriously there is no denying the power of an album this eclectic and on point. It pulls from so many lovely sources and sprinkles them throughout the course of the album that you know that an incredible amount of effort was put into each individual song. Every song is a no skip situation to be sure and if your on the fence for a recommendation there is honestly something for everyones tastes here. Need a song stuck in your head for weeks at a time? check out track two and I double dog dare you not to sing along by the second chorus.

4)Equals - Tracts 
Post-Rock gets such a bum wrap these days. The genre is absolutely flooded with godspeed and explosion wannabee's that its hard to suss out groups that are honest to frack trying to create something thats not only rhythmically satisfying but that works within the context of the *cough* genre *cough* These Texas cats come with all guns blazing and you'd be easy to think that this was a first however ive been a pretty large fan since their very first EP in 2011. Listen to that as well because its incredible to see the growth and is a perfectly wonderful release in its own right. Constantly engaging with some punishingly excellent drums, equals creates such a exciting space to operate in. There's some cool down moments for sure but on the whole your treated to some post rock thats isn't afraid to step outside the box a bit not too mention the welcome addition of keys.

5)U Sco - Treffpunkt
Where to start with this one? Its no surprise to me really how good this album turned out. I mean I've been singing the praises of Ryan Miller's guitar work well before he ever joined up with the Sic rhythm section of Duck Little Brother Duck. Both in their own rights completely under rated in the community. But here we have a sterling example of what can be done with some honest to gosh creativity and technical prowess. This album is punishing, and as such should be listened to at abnormally high volumes. We can throw out terms like "brutal prog" and  "math noise"but really what this is to me is a true further-meant of classic groups like Jesus Lizard had they embraced a truly progressive nature and dropped the vox. Whatever your feelings on origin story no group this year came close to matching intensity and emotion like U Sco did here.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stepfriends - All We've Got (2014)

Been waiting on this for awhile as Mr. Greg McClure (Del Paxton) runs this skins on this venture as well. Seems like theres a lot of cats involved from the Syracuse/ Buffalo NY area which always peaks my ears. Sound wise you've got your new school emo sounds that is so hot right now but its safer to say this is indie rock through and through with plenty of variation.  Perhaps the strongest pull I get from these guys are the overwhelming pop sensibilities from the vocals, in both performance and lyrical content show a true understanding of this dynamic. If I had to think of a band sound wise to compare I'd have to say Evan Weiss's "Into It Over It" solo project in both songs and singing and thats a hard win in my book. Song's grab you where they should and you will undoubtedly have at least a few chorus's stuck in your dome...for the very best. Its been awhile also but I cant recall the last time an album has sounded so concise yet each lends itself to the album as a whole so well. Some aux. instrumentation (daddy loves hand claps) flesh out the songs but never are relied upon. I do truly hope this is not some one off and that we can expect more because this album eats like a hearty meal this fall. No duds on this album guys so please check it out and lavish accordingly.

Side note: I was a little sad that the sensational hand clap build of track 5 "Quiet Place" didn't erupt into deadly guitar fireworks but the song is so damn good anyway its easily forgiven.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

U Sco - Treffpunkt (2014)

Its true I've been incredibly absent for awhile but that does not mean I've been asleep at the wheel. Few things as of late have really pushed the boundaries in the mathy prog realm for me. I ray of hope has displayed what ive been waiting for however with the newest U Sco release. If you're unaware of this project from ex: Duck Little Brother Duck drummer and bassist with the guitarist from With Eyes Abstract then hit the link here U Sco - Nest (2012)

It may be premature BUT this is the album to dethrone now in 2014. Previous releases have been hinting at some sort of post-hardcore prog noise manifesto and by god its in spades here with Treffpunkt. As I've said before Ryan Miller is one of the top guitarist's of the (cough cough) "scene" without the fanfare he richly deserves. This is the strongest case for it with lead lines that straddle the earth of searing prog and melodically flecked atonal pedal work. If this was the only business being shelled out on this release we could call it a day, thankfully this is just the start. John Scheid (bass) and Phil Cleary (drums) not only hold down the rhythm section but are locked so in tune that its clear these two have been playing for a long time with one another. Some of the tightest corners being pulled on these songs. Phil has always been a drummer that is endlessly creative. To be truthful these two provided my favorite moments from their former groups.

So enough of the tongue wagging, whats this beast sound like? Well surprisingly enough thematically I get a strong throw back from darker math from the early 90's like Jesus Lizard and that ilk. It goes well beyond this as the music is incredibly restless and relentlessly brutal.  Needless complexity is thrown out the window as the songs just seem to call for some exceedingly fast bits while others are heavier.  Just a total package going on with its melding of progressive song structures, post hardcore riffs interspersed with inspired pedal skronk.  The one thing I think about also with these cats are there just aren't any other bands who could handle what is happening on this release.  In less capable hands the entire deal would collapse and we'd still be talking about a strong album even then. There's a great flow to the album and each song puts enough distance between to really making you feel that these are individual pieces to the puzzle. At the end of the day endless dissection is not what any music calls for so if anything above sounded remotely interesting chances are your going to have a strong emotion either way, trust in that.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Big Bad Buffalo - American (2014)

These guys have been on my radar and have posted to our little fantastical facebook page where we have lively discussions about progressive...stuff.

Plenty of Swords (facebook page)

Annyywhose, these cats are playing sort of a 90's throw back indie style but with some nice little time shifts occasionally. Vocals are here as well and they are surprisingly catchy in an odd sort of way but it all comes together for a really fresh package. Check this out.


Oceanic - Origins (2014)

Like the long lost child of Jardin de la Croix. This Nova Scotia group dial down the metal elements of said group and focus on a much more experimental prog focused affair. At times incredibly busy and complex and other times fairly laid back but no less interesting. There's just not enough quality math prog out their and fewer even yet that can incorporate the metal element so seemlessly. Also would like to add for the record....mentioning Jardin in the first sentence of my little entry is a high honor as I feel they really exemplify the math metal genre to its fullest so highest praise sugar lips. This may not be as fun as blowing on a flaming lollipop but I can guarantee it tastes a whole lot better.


Jorge Arana Trio - Oso

Jorge Arana Trio had a really classy as shit album back in 2012 I really dug on and its been a few years but these guys are back. Id say this effort is a bit more rock centric than the far jazzier "Mapache" but hey I'd say its all the better for it. It's a fast and hard hitting release with insane chops but a rollicking soul thats just a lot of fun. Also just three guys? More people should be repping these cats. Highly surprised this group hasn't been on neighborhood watch years ago but theres always time to change. I know I plan on spreaking the gospel of this fantastic group high and low.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Toehider is like a prog rock frankenstein

"It was a pleasure to burn"

Hi everyone....sorry ive been gone so long from this here beast ive birthed. I do however feel as though if I am to continue this I need more honesty with my musical observations. I will give a small run down of things ive been into, not into, and saddened....

Sietch Ramshackle  has been something of go to when it comes to my own personal ideas about acoustic guitar and how it should be handled. It's honest and has its heart firmly in its progressive shifts and restless nature. Few times can you listen to music and really hear that there is a human being literally pouring their soul into a piece of art instead of stringing notes together to try and rip a solo faster. Highly suggest anyone with a passing interest in music give this a listen. Random bandcamp searching sometimes unearth's true gems...


Guy Montag will not dazzle your face with guitar heroics. If your looking for a barn blazer you can camp with the tappers. This is handily crafted post rock with extra attention placed on the melody and song progression. An Irish 3 piece that is deserving of attention for sure. With a name sake such  that you can expect the fire doesnt go out easily. Each song brings to the table its own story and from my ears a soft spot for video game music.


Toasted Plastic's new album? Well let me start this by saying im the wrong person to ask. June high's was one of my top releases of last year...I listen to it probably once a week, no joke its incredible. This feels safe to me and certainly a calmer Toasted than we are used to. Where are my break neck speeds? Vocals are more thought out here and hold my variation for sure but the songs unfortunately dont hold the
same urgency as before. Dont get me wrong a solid release but im biased based on my love.


James T. Psychopath is the wild card, the elephant in the room...too big and too fucking weird to ignore. It's awful sometimes that we have to pull into our speach "Influences" and "genre tags" because shit James T. Psychopath isn't a cold fusion pioneer but by god they would probably tell you they don't give a flying fruit. Is it noisey? yes...but equal parts rhythmic.  Experimental! sure but also balancing a true love of Jazz structure and time shifts. So in a lot of ways we could throw in Prog or other things but this is just really brutal music with a lot of ideas being done so well it doesn't really matter what it is.


o also a lot of people have been asking/requesting for Six Gallery's  first EP (instrumental) it's a titch hard to find for obvious reasons but share amongst yourselves Id rather people be introduced to these other great bands than a dead one so check the above stated groups first.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Samuel Jackson Five - Season in the Hum (2014)

Their new album Seasons In The Hum is finally out. Grab yourself a copy over at it sells out.

A 9 song, 1/2 hr, mini-album with various songs and musical experiments written and recorded between 2007-2014.


Monday, June 16, 2014

CHON - Woohoo! (2014)

These guys are too good. im convinced they are all musical wizards from a far, far away land. Their 2011 EP was posted here a good while back but i thought they deserved an update since they've been very, very active the last year or so.

CHON released a 2013 album called Newborn Sun, shortly followed by a 2014 EP called Wohoo! Both available on their bandcamp (link below).

Last week, Audiotree released a 6 track live session with CHON. Check it out below....mesmerizing!

Full session: CHON - Audiotree Session


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

enemies - Embark Embrace Remixes (2014)

Released exactly one year after the release of Embark Embrace in 2013, this Remix EP, by Heavyweight Records, was crafted by itsallwaves and the enemies guitarist SIATS


Download for free or stream HERE

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Holy Torpedo - Super Sabre (2014)

holy smackers this austin group has dropped a doozy down upon my face.  Mix some chip tune keyboards with a gnarly dose of alternative indie rock and very light mathy flirtations and you've got a powerful concoction. Are we done? nope. Vocals round out this beast and they are every bit the catchy 90's tinged biz that would have to accompany these jams. Incredibly self assured first release.

Sweet fancy I cant stop listening

Don't wait a second longer dive in


Sunday, April 27, 2014

PoS Top Ten: Will Conrad Byler (Piles and Piles)

Greetings fellow's and fellettes. This post kicks off what will be a normal feature of the site where I ask individuals and/or groups to slap down a Top Ten music list for all times. I've always found the task particularly interesting and have more on deck so stay tuned. 

Will Conrad Byler is the current bassist of the "mathgaze" group Piles and Piles from the Boston area. Having been featured on the site before I asked Will....what makes your top ten?


10) Deathconsciousness – Have A Nice Life
this is the first album I’ve ever listened to that is truly exhausting to get through. 
Shoegaze/black metal/ post punk encompassing dreary, 
suicidal lyrics does not get as old as you might think. Dan Barrett can do no wrong.

9) World’s Bliss: Medieval Songs of Love and Death – John Fleagle
Fleagle was given two years to live when he was in his mid-20s, and with that came this album. Rather than using music as a buffer between his own mortality, World’s Bliss is a lens into facing death head-on. Fleagle played all of the instruments on the album (harp, lute, sinfonia, fiddle, and bodhran), providing a mournful backdrop for poetic lyrics, sung entirely in old English (olde englishe?) that gives the listener an awareness of their own mortality. Personifying death as an old friend has been done so many times before, but never has it carried so much weight.

8) King of Limbs – Radiohead
This isn’t even my favorite Radiohead. Shit, I doubt it breaks the top three or four best Radiohead releases. KOL was the first Radiohead album that I heard right when it came out. OK Computer, The Bends, Kid A – all those great records had seeped into my subconscious so
listening to them is more nostalgic, whereas KOL is a deliberate first-time listen.  

7) 12 – The Notwist
I picked up this album because the album art looked so cool. Neon Golden may be their claim to fame, but it doesn’t compare to their first full release A noisy album with the most understated 
vocals I’ve ever heard. Somber somber somber.

6) The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts – Refused
I know I don’t get any punk street cred for this because it’s the Rubber Soul of hardcore punk, but               it’s still the best album from start to finish in its genre. TSOPTC holds my personal favorite                           production of any album.

5) Wish – The Cure
This is a perfect album, from start to finish. Only Robert Smith can open an album singing about how anxious and bored he is at a party. Wish also has some of the most bitchin bass lines of the 1990s – with all the layers that The Cure heaps onto each song, the only way to find the beat is through the bass and drums.

4) Dude Ranch – Blink 182
It’s hard to admit it, but when I’m asked why I started playing music, I have to say it’s because of this album. Dude Ranch is saturated with believable angst, something that I haven’t heard from the pop-punk scene since. Tom actually sounds good on this album for the last time – listening to him sing now embarrasses me. For him.

3) This Year’s Model – Elvis Costello and the Attractions
I’ve been listening to this album since it was released in 1978, and I was born in 1993.  My bass instructor at school once learned all the bass lines off of TYM, a feat I plan to do when Subway isn’t eating all my time. Elvis Costello gets you to sing “I keep thinking about your mother, no I don’t want to lick them” with no trace of shame.  A cooler album than This Year’s Model does not exist.

2) Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen – From Bubblegum to Sky
            These last two are no-brainers for me. All three From Bubblegum to Sky albums are unbelievable – there isn’t a single song I don’t like on any of them. Nothing Sadder is their saddest and most beautiful work. While the idea behind Me Amy and the Two French Boys of over-the-top cheery instrumentals with lyrics about how much they (he – it’s just one guy) hates the universe makes for a really cool juxtaposition, Nothing Sadder writes the instrumentals to fit the lyrics. It’s a perfect portrait of the day-to-day life in Brooklyn, while you’re in your late twenties and the shallow relationships that come with it. Straight up pop music has never had so much depth - Mario Hernandez is a pop genius, and good god I wish he’d come back  

1)    The Goat Rodeo Sessions – Yo Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Myer, Chris Thile
The Goat Rodeo Sessions is easily the greatest album and music I’ve ever heard. Yo Yo Ma and company break and manipulate and combine classical, bluegrass, jazz, and Appalachian music into one final product (thus a “goat rodeo” or for the layman, clusterfuck). For those of you who get sick of Chris Thile (Nickel Creek and the Punch Brothers are just super cheesy I’m sorry) and think he’s a pretty boy, he takes a back seat while working with the three greatest musicians alive today, while still managing to absolutely make the mandolin his bitch. Yo Yo Ma has bridged another musical and cultural gap with his usual grace. As celebrated as he is, we really don’t fully appreciate and understand all that he has done for music. The hard-nosed/unapologetic face of the institution of classical music will forever be replaced with a handsome, slightly nerdy looking, gleefully grinning cellist.

Just missed the cuts: 
The Pink Album – Sunny Day Real Estate, 
Crimes – Blood Brothers, 
Crack the Skye – Mastodon, 
Trouble Will Find Me – The National, 
The Dreaming – Kate Bush, 
Teethed Glory and Injury – Altar of Plagues, 
See You in Another City – Blakfish, 
World of Echo – Arthur Russell 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dirgahayu - Bahawasa​-​nya (2013)

Why and how would I have missed this last year?....honestly it makes me weep. But seriously gals and guys
this Malaysian group is instrumental rock at its finest. Need a good marker for a great band? is the drummer constantly laying down the sweet sass behind the kit?



Be they but two songs, so much character can be found just from the first torch burner that you are left wanting so MUCH                              M O R E


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chapter Books - Too Strong (2014)

Looks as though Chapter Books has graced us with a...wait for "chapter" hehe. 

As previously discussed here on their debut EP we have a great cross section of punk energy, indie emo base and occasional mathy guitar interplay. On their newest full length we have a few re-recordings and a barn load of new animals. This is the right kind of production for steez like this. Guitar's "Twinkle" (hate that term) and crunch when needed.  Sounds great all gussied up for sure.  Some aspects of these guys I'm really chiseling on are as everyone takes a step back and the guitars are bare, you really get to see some beautiful well thought out licks. Taken as a whole its the total package for this kind of ilk and without a bum arm in the mix.  show the love folks and spread it thoroughly this baby just got borned up....TONIGHT!  :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jonathan Lear - Memory Well (2014)

Oddly enough, I was complaining today about the lack of really solid acoustic based math around. Sure, there's some viable suggestions, but it's not often enough we venture beyond folk-math. So check this grist, we've got a one man show going down that condenses a lot of very solid elements down. Jonathan Lear takes an acoustic back bone (finger-style light with some folk rock) and melds that with a healthy dose of mathy/prog... but not too much. The music straddles a fine line that keeps it from becoming too convoluted or too folky at any time. On top of that each song has its own feel with different instruments as well.

Can't say enough really. A great find by Dan Moriarty of the mighty "A Troop of Echoes". So props must be given all around. Enjoy.

JL - Memory Well

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Iran Iran - V (2013)

Here's some UK based math right here in the form of four piece group "Iran Iran". They are playing
arctangent fest this year as well. Familiarize yourself with these gentlemen because they throw some great curves in the three songs they have up for display.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pizza loves Don Cab: A conversation with bassist Scott Buoncristiano

I know I tell everyone if you have even a passing interest in Don Caballero/Math Rock or tour accounts in general Fred Weaver's diary from Don Cab's last tour is a highly educational read. For the insight alone into finances of what we view as the "pinnacle" of the genre its an eye opening read. But what lies within the pages is an account of what happens when a band seemingly becomes too big for its britches. To summarize a portion Ian Williams and Damon Che both had solo sets they wanted to play at their shows. Unfortunately a communication break caused all of their shows to book local acts as well which was not conducive to the show lengths. 

It was in Boston at the Middle East that Damon put his foot down and told a local act, Pizza to shove off. Pizza if your a normal reader here has been featured in a couple articles in the past by myself like Math Rock Mystery and a follow up on Boston area math in the 90's . This is the final installment where I ask Scott Buoncristiano (bassist of Pizza) a few questions and clear up the intense controversy between Don Cab and Pizza.

POS: "what year did you guys form? member list?"

SB: "We started playing together in roughly the fall of 1999. All of us grew up together on Cape Cod and Nantucket, Massachusetts so we were always playing music together in some combination. Dan and I were in Challenger from '97-'98. Justin and I were in PowerQuest together. Fin, Justin, and I were in Strictly Business (that band sucked balls). There were about 1,000 other joke bands that we formed before and during all that. Back then, there was a pretty decent music scene coming from Cape Cod. We (cape people) had a "weird factor" and a kind of built in buzz in the Boston area.
The members were: Dan McCarthy (drums) Justin Joyce (Guitar) Fin Moore (guitar) Scott Buoncristiano (bass/eye candy)"

POS: "what were some of your major influences when writing the songs on that album?"

SB: "Our influences then, I think, we're just a culmination of EVERYTHING we had ever listened to up to that point. The Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Breadwinner, Slint, Don Cab, Polvo, Bastro, Rodan, Gastr del Sol etc. etc. None of us had any formal musical training aside from Dan, who is a wizard on drums. We all really just wrote parts and tried to make it sound weird. Sometimes because of our lack of knowing what was "right" or "wrong" in music theory, we just had some riffs that SHOULDN'T have worked, but we MADE them work (Dan played a large part in that as far as making things make sense with his drumming)."

POS:"Im assuming you guys were not together for too long?"

SB: "1+ year. We never really broke up, it just all splintered off into other projects."

POS: "Are you or any of the other members currently in any groups?"

SB:"Fin is in a band in NY called "Time Travellers & The Electric Band" and probably doing some solo stuff or some shit on the side.
Dan does some solo stuff in his house for shits and giggles
I don't think Justin is playing right now
I get horrible stage fright and have social anxiety, so it's safe to say I'll probably never play again. We considered having a Challenger reunion show, but then we were all "funk dat!"

POS:"really interested in what happened with the Don Cab show. Im more than assuming people did not throw pizza at them at your behest haha."

SB: "It was a while ago, so bear with me...
We were asked to play with Don Cab downstairs at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA and were pretty excited to do so. Pizza had a good following and it was a good opportunity to play to a larger audience, and it was cool to be playing with a band we listened to all through high school. The deal was that they had that guy who was touring with them open, then we'd play, then Don Caballero would headline. Cool. Sounds like fun. It was all set up with their tour manager and the booking guy at the Mid East about a month before the show. Done deal. The evening of the show, we had our usual warm up at the practice space, loaded up the van, and drove two towns over to play the biggest show we've had yet. We pull up and start loading out, and the booking guy for the club (we were friends with this guy just from seeing him around on the scene) comes out with this super bummed out look on his face and says: "You guys...I'm so fucking sorry. Here's the deal...Damon Che is pitching a fit and saying that Don Caballero won't play if you guys are playing tonight. He wants to have (the opening guy) play, THEN he wants Ian and then himself (Che) to play their individual solo songs, THEN Don Cab will play. He's being crazy, but my hands are tied."
We were like "What a fucking dickface."

Then he said something that made everything ok to us, but ultimately worse for Don Cab:

".....but you guys can all drink for free tonight"

So word got out that we were suddenly off the bill. We knew that people liked us, but not THAT much. I guess we had a bigger fan base than we had thought. They were getting PISSED. About 1/3 of the people paid to see us too, and they thought it was bullshit that we were booted off the bill, and HOW and WHY we were booted. Anyways, the show starts and the poor opening guy (he was nice..we talked to him later) started feeling the wrath of drunk and offended Boston math rock fans. The Dickface Fatfuck Che takes the stage for his solo songs and all hell broke loose. We were all just standing off to the side saying "holy fuck" while we saw random people spit lungies on Che's guitar, body, and neck (that neck one was in slow motion. I saw it fly 5' and stick right on his Adam's apple). People booed, screamed fuck you, called him fat etc etc. We definitely chimed in on the fuck you chant. Needless to say, he cut his solo set short. Don Caballero came on as a group a little while later. People were still going nuts and screaming "fuck you!" chanting "PIZZA! PIZZA!" and stuff. There were Don Cab fans that were getting all pissed at the Pizza fans, and there we were just laughing and getting very very drunk (for free!) They start playing and shortly after, a fucking slice of pizza flies through the air and hits Damon Che's bass drum. It was nuts, but we loved it. That egomaniac did it to himself. They cut the set short and hid in the dressing room for hours. We had a memorable time, though not the way we wanted. We fizzled out shortly after too.

Years later, Our friend Dave Kenopka's band "Battles" stayed with us while touring. Ian is in that band, and we talked to him about that night years ago. He confirmed that Damon Che is, in fact, both a douche and an egomaniac."

and there you have it! the official story :)

also it should be noted Dan and Scott actually work together and do some fantastic graphic design's,
be sure to check it out. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cheek's - Does Nobody Care About a Jetpack? (2014)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kuan - Colors

As Ive said in the past I get much more excited to post groups that arent getting fawned over by the general public and that often times means mining my brain and library for something from the past. Kuan were a 4 piece active a few years back from the Dayton Ohio area that practiced in what you and I know as "Math". Completely instrumental in nature with equal amounts of common mathy cousins like nephew prog-rock and niece post-rock. A whole lot of twisted structures and some heavy riffs and drum work make this a stand out group in my book. Unsure if these guys went on to other projects but Id certainly be interested. Enjoy


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salt Cathedral - Salt Cathedral (2013)

Whoa from the first few moments you're going to have the fish hook lodged deep. Busy post-rock electro pop with some really juicy math tendencies AND sensational female vocals. Its a recipe for digging deep into this rich dish. Its always at the right amount of restraint and never plays into any one area more than another. The guitars are always playing some crazy little background licks while the drums dance around while the  forks down the movement with the angelic singing. I'm just being blown apart by this Brooklyn group while their music is re-assembling me. TOP PICK AHOY!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shipley Hollow - Costa Concordia EP (2013)

First off an apology as I dont get the chance to update the blog as much as I would like. My personal and professional life doesn't permit me to put as much focus on the blog as I would like. Also have to say lately a lot of what im hearing is pretty stagnant math. Exception's include a lot of recent local upstate NY stuff that ive been seeing as well as our insanely creative northern brothers in Canada (Montreal and Toronto particularly)

With that said, Shipley Hollow from Toronto have recently grabbed my attention and while previous items haven't really hit me across the nose I'd say they firmly planted one with their EP from October last year. A live recording can be a burden to some but it helps elevate these tunes to an intensely emotional level. Its the kind of math for drives at dusk, just busy enough to hold you close. Vocals (loving that spoken word piece) and the additional keys are a nice atmospheric touch that help set these guys apart from the herd.  More than anything (I always say) There needs to be that emotional connection like the group is invested in their music. There is much more going on here than memorizing transition's and time signature cue's. Would love to see these guys down my way lot's of high energy, great guitar interplay and spritely drums. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

2/13 Cayuga Lodge Ithaca NY (LIVE SHOW) Elos Arma, Jr. Bob, Yakbak, Quirky Love Interest

Hey friends just a few words on this very excellent show I attended a few nights ago. Some extremely intriguing things for me for every single band on this bill....not to mention the snow storm..

Yakbak (math-punk) were up first and honestly after seeing them a few times now and with a new EP just released that morning, they are in my mind a force of sheer death (thats a positive).  Not to discount the able bass work but drummer Gabe and guitarist Mr. Pillardy (both from PoS favorite Mouth to Mouth to Mouth) have formed an unstoppable unit of rock that is as immediate and in your face as any punk band yet with the complexity of solving 40 rubik's cubes under water. I was blown away to say the least. (also swear to god there was a fall of troy esque post hardcore break down somewhere in there that almost stole my soul)

Quirky Love Interest (math rock) next up was a group that I've been anxious to see for awhile now and they did not disappoint in the least. Lots of variations for the style which is what I enjoy about them and certainly a heavy metal aspect that takes a back seat to a lot of the math elements but is surely informed.  Worth mentioning also it takes a bit for me to really enjoy double bass drumming but Mike tastefully sprinkles it around his kit work and its a solid win. High energy.

Oddly enough the two wild cards for me were a group I was pretty positive I wasnt all about Jr. Bob and one I wasn't familiar with Elos Arma. Boy did I form some new opinions. Both groups from Canada brought their A games. Both share drummers but couldn't be further from each other even being under the blanket of math. Junior are heavy jazz heads with some of the most intricate fret work on a guitar i've ever seen. Extremely tasteful yet dynamic playing just a straight pleasure to witness. Elos cant seem to completely make up their mind of exactly what their bringing to dinner. Math with twinkly indie rock and poppy vocals seems to be the best determination I could muster and its pretty joyous in person.

Really a wonderful night and surprising turn out for everyone in the Cayuga Lodge Catacombs

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sleep For The Nightlife - Minimalist Cities (2014)

This was one of my most anticipated albums of 2014. After seeing them a few years ago I was not fully ready for what this 4 man Toronto based group was about to bring.  I am not alone in this anxious feeling either, but I feel it imperative to bring these guys the attention in the community they richly deserve.

Ambient in the way atmosphere is set and mathy in a restrained and respectful manner. Instrumental pieces that are smartly constructed with no extra relationship baggage. This is real deal total investment Math-tastic Post-Rock.

These cats never leave you hanging and if they are laying down a riff that warrants it, they stick around so you can soak up the joy. If you want to talk math rock brass than technically speaking you've got the twists you desperately crave.  The hooks for me however lie in the relationship of the expertly laid melodies and the brain melting kit work. There are so many moments on this record that literally give me goosebumps its like RL Stine was sitting behind me the entire time....that was bad apologies. The back half of "Underwater Panthers"? forget about it, ridiculous tension and release tactics that are almost too clever.

Are we talking wheel reinvention? nah. but you'll never concern yourselves with such trifles because this is a distillation of Ghosts and Vodka type activity of the highest order and dare I say with some more impressive song variation.  You are a fool if you don't surrender your ears this instant to this the first masterwork of 2014.

Can I say again that these drums are just nasty?
Jesus Christmas


Tell them via facebook how much they own the streets

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Planets Live in Houses - self-titled EP

You may remember these guys from sometime back in November last year, when they teased us with a sampler of their upcoming EP slated to drop January 25th 2014. If so, it is most likely then with little wonder as to why I'm posting this today of all days. Indeed, today is the day that their self-titled EP finally drops. This EP includes the two songs we heard off the sampler with three other tracks and a mini track thats six seconds long, appropriately named "Never Meant".

When I first listened to PLIH back in November, immediately what stuck out to me was the drumming, and that's definitely still the case here. The grooves seem to be what really drive the band for me. Its a prominent consistency that is evident throughout the whole EP. However, that's not to say that the guitar is uninspired. On the contrary, the EP is loaded with catchy melodies played by both the guitar and synth that seem to stick with you even after you've stopped listening. That said, PLIH is first and foremost a Post-Rock Progressive band, (with a dash of Atmospheric Ambiance.) There is plenty of "rise and fall" moments throughout the EP, which is evident through the crescendos and the constant change ups in the drums. As for the guitar, it often alternates between clean and distortion, the clean parts being mellow and a fluid and the distortion helping to drive the progressive feel. Everything fits together perfectly and is as it should be.

If I had to pick a song that really sticks out to me on this EP it would be "Bare Claws". Which seems to be the only track accompanied by a sax. The song captures the Atmospheric Ambiance I mentioned earlier perfectly. This is because of a combination of synth, the reverb, and the fluidity of the guitar. Now, if that was good enough, lets top it with a soaring sax layered over everything. Now we're in business.

After a few listens to the EP, I'm really in love with it, and excited to see where Planets Live in Houses take their sound in the future.You can purchase it here:
Planets Live In Houses


Friday, January 24, 2014

Luo - In the Dark

First of all let me be the first to say "Thank you and welcome back Computer Jones" our frequent poster from across the pond. We have been missing your mathalogical insight's hehe.

Second off my my my I have to say its been a hot minute since a song/video has moved me as much as this one by Luo. This is a full band version of what is essentially experimental producer Josh Trinnaman who has released some incredibly solid glitch, hop, math, jazz blender love.  This live version gives it a certain post rock feel and ups the emotion to a power level of over 9000! truly you must check this out even just for those skillfully wielded drums.

Luo Bandcamp


Friday, January 17, 2014

Self-Evident - We Built a Fortress on Short Notice (2012)

GREAT follow-up album to their 2009 release 'Endings'. how it wasnt posted before i don't know!? 


The Samuel Jackson Five (2013)

SJ5 released 2 small EP's last year. The very festive "Mid-Fi Winter Wonderland EP" was released December 2012/January 2013 and "Seasides & Elsewhere" was released at the start of December 2013. Enjoy!

Mid-Fi Winter Wonderland EP

Seasides & Elsewhere

Sleeping People - NOTRUF 12" EP (2013)

The legends that are....Sleeping People! this is their 12" EP released the later half of last year. hope y'all enjoy it...completely forgot to post this when it orginially came out.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage Math Rock: Boston 1990's - early 2000's

First of all this article is a sort of a lead in to an article that will be up soon but also a continuation of this "Math Rock Mystery" in it we sort of unearthed a forgotten group from the Boston area called "Pizza". In the following I will be covering a great web of artists that are all interconnected with this group..follow me.

active 1999 - 2001
Members included:
Dan McCarthy (drums)
Justin Joyce (Guitar)
Fin Moore (guitar)
Scott Buoncristiano (bass)

So for the sake of the article we are going to start with these guys (ps click the band name for a link to a video or in this case the album download...hosted by the way by the groups drummer) Any who I've been in contact with Fin from the group who had this to say about the groups formative beginings.

"The early songs were written acoustically by Moore( Diamond Nights, Robots) and Joyce while standing on the coffee table at 40 Gordon st. Allston ma.(the painted lady) from late summer to the end of fall of 1999 at which point it was decided to introduce an electric sound. McCarthy(Helms, Dagobah, Challenger) filled the position on drums while Scott B (Challenger, Intendo) bused up once a week from cap cod to operate the bass."

"Scott and Justin came up with the name pizza i think because it was sharp, catchy and had humor attached to it. The band was very short lived, it seemed like the second it took off and people gained interest it lost fuel and deteriorated."

Fin Moore

Hmm so in other words it looks as though there are a few other groups mentioned here lets dig a little deeper...

active: mid 1990's
Members Included:
Paul Joyce (bass, vocals)
John McWilliams (guitar, vocals)
Dan McCarthy (drums)

Killer group that has a sort of updated Rodan/Slint feel with the speed and calculations of math rock. With a little digging you can find several albums from this three piece. It's worth noting also a familiar last name up there...yep Joyce. Paul is Justin Joyce's (Pizza) brother.

something remarkable about this is its just Dan and Paul playing...

active 1997
Members Included:
Tina McCarthy BASS(maiden name Helms..) husband of....
Sean McCarthy (guitar/vocals)
Dan McCarthy (drums).

So basically as Dagobah was ending for Dan, Tina and Sean's band had lost there drummer thus the three formed Helms. A much more mellow group than the previous...think hypnotic post-rock, great drums and spoken word. 


 active 1997-1998
 Members Include:
 Dan McCarthy (drums)
 Scott Buoncristiano (bass)
 Paul Joyce (guitar)

So by now your begining to see the trend I'm getting at all of these bands feature Dan on drums and its easy to see that he is an incredibly versatile drummer with some varying styles being repped. Challenger is my favorite of the bunch for a few reasons. One, this albums feels just as urgent and fresh as anything today except it was written in 1997. Now you go find me some math from that time and compare..theres honest to god not much that can compare. granted this was re-mastered which could have helped in this but these songs are incredible. Here we see Paul stepping away from bass and front and center.

Also worth noting is Paul Joyce was also the bassist in the seminal math rock group Lynx with now Battles axe slinger Dave Konopka. Hows this? well Lynx was very much a Boston group before they packed their bags and moved to the Chicago area. 

Hope you fine folks enjoyed the history lesson and found some new groups to look into from the past. Thanks as well to Fin Moore for reaching out and giving me some perspective on his role with Pizza.

Next up?
My mini- interview with Scott Buoncristiano:
"Pizza vs Don Caballero".....?!?!
Stay Tuned :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Axes (2013)

Their debut album released 15 April 2013. i missed this when it came out but im glad i chased it up. Also, some great sessions:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea - The Skeleton Coast (2013)

We've got a few PoS members from the Boston area so its not uncommon for us to cover music from the area more so than others. Im usually last to the party but lately I've been tirelessly researching 90's math rock based in Boston for a doozy of a post coming up and I ran across a current group I am highly enjoying.  

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea are like a torrent of instrumental math but never too off the wall. What hits me right off the bat is those dual guitars laying down some incredibly tight riffs. Its certainly rocking all the way through and never lets up not even for a moment. Transitions? seemless. Now thats the mark of a truly great math rock group.

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea

Thursday, January 2, 2014

1/5/14 Ithaca NY (The Haunt) Moonstriker, The Changing Light, MTMTM, Yakbak, Alberto Alaska

Hey guys first great show of 2014 alert and its a doozie. Five groups that all run the range from math to punk to psych rock to post hardcore BUT all sharing the common ground of progressive flair. Sadly I can not make it out However that shouldn't stop anyone in the NY, PA or Jersey area's to pop in for this. Its at the always excellent Haunt as well too so plenty of room. click below to get a taste sensation of each group.

MoonStriker (PA) (prog space rock)

The Changing Light (PA) (prog psych post hardcore)

Alberto Alaska (NY) (alt post rock)

MTMTM (NY) (math rock)

Yakbak (NY) (math punkers)