Saturday, January 25, 2014

Planets Live in Houses - self-titled EP

You may remember these guys from sometime back in November last year, when they teased us with a sampler of their upcoming EP slated to drop January 25th 2014. If so, it is most likely then with little wonder as to why I'm posting this today of all days. Indeed, today is the day that their self-titled EP finally drops. This EP includes the two songs we heard off the sampler with three other tracks and a mini track thats six seconds long, appropriately named "Never Meant".

When I first listened to PLIH back in November, immediately what stuck out to me was the drumming, and that's definitely still the case here. The grooves seem to be what really drive the band for me. Its a prominent consistency that is evident throughout the whole EP. However, that's not to say that the guitar is uninspired. On the contrary, the EP is loaded with catchy melodies played by both the guitar and synth that seem to stick with you even after you've stopped listening. That said, PLIH is first and foremost a Post-Rock Progressive band, (with a dash of Atmospheric Ambiance.) There is plenty of "rise and fall" moments throughout the EP, which is evident through the crescendos and the constant change ups in the drums. As for the guitar, it often alternates between clean and distortion, the clean parts being mellow and a fluid and the distortion helping to drive the progressive feel. Everything fits together perfectly and is as it should be.

If I had to pick a song that really sticks out to me on this EP it would be "Bare Claws". Which seems to be the only track accompanied by a sax. The song captures the Atmospheric Ambiance I mentioned earlier perfectly. This is because of a combination of synth, the reverb, and the fluidity of the guitar. Now, if that was good enough, lets top it with a soaring sax layered over everything. Now we're in business.

After a few listens to the EP, I'm really in love with it, and excited to see where Planets Live in Houses take their sound in the future.You can purchase it here:
Planets Live In Houses


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