Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tidal Arms - "The Sun Exploding" (2011)

In 5.5 billion years, our sun will have spent its first batch of nuclear reaction fuel and will rapidly expand, forming a red giant that envelops the inner solar system in a cloud of nebulous 1000-degree gas. If Tidal Arms' "The Sun Exploding" is any indication, this will be a snarly, melodious experience.

Tidal Arms have put forth a pretty solid effort here. Production is stellar (har), and a number of songs are pleasantly heavy and technical while still retaining a good sense of melody. There is some generous use of reverb, reminiscent of Brit-rockers Doves, if Doves listened to a steady diet of technical post-hardcore. There are a few uninspired tracks, but nothing offensively bad. Definitely worth a listen.

"The Sun Exploding" is available to stream in its entirety on Tidal Arms' bandcamp. 

The Sun Exploding (2011)

 Acerola -
"Thanks Frankline for the heads up on these guys. Just wanted to post a link to the album and  say that after spending some intimate moments with this release its pretty jawsome. All should join in the sweet sweet post-punk math loveliness."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dionaea - Still (2011)

Post-Grind? Djent Metal?
ugh what?

Can we dispense with the silly genre tags for a moment and let me just say that this is some exceedingly creative music. For three musicians to make this kind of racket takes true skill. Swinging from full bore blast beats to majestic post-rock passages is something that I wouldn't really have believed would work so well until this. Its mathy and technical nature never detracts from the other more serene builds balancing very between the two.  To say that this has been in heavy rotation in my ear holes would be an understatement.  So let me just stop right here and tell everyone to indulge because you all have to get a load of these guys. Classy 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Imperial China - Methods (2008)

This is some tasty shit right here. Mathy drum beats, post-punk guitar parts, electro-synth, and some sparse vocals. This shit is tight.

Methods came out in 2008 and garnered Imperial China some buzz around the DC area. These guys have since put out a full length that has a few cool songs on it, but kind of falls flat. But this EP rips. They have a new LP coming out soon which hopefully finds Imperial China returning to ace form.