Friday, April 4, 2014

Jonathan Lear - Memory Well (2014)

Oddly enough, I was complaining today about the lack of really solid acoustic based math around. Sure, there's some viable suggestions, but it's not often enough we venture beyond folk-math. So check this grist, we've got a one man show going down that condenses a lot of very solid elements down. Jonathan Lear takes an acoustic back bone (finger-style light with some folk rock) and melds that with a healthy dose of mathy/prog... but not too much. The music straddles a fine line that keeps it from becoming too convoluted or too folky at any time. On top of that each song has its own feel with different instruments as well.

Can't say enough really. A great find by Dan Moriarty of the mighty "A Troop of Echoes". So props must be given all around. Enjoy.

JL - Memory Well

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Iran Iran - V (2013)

Here's some UK based math right here in the form of four piece group "Iran Iran". They are playing
arctangent fest this year as well. Familiarize yourself with these gentlemen because they throw some great curves in the three songs they have up for display.