Monday, December 30, 2013

JETPACK - S/T - 1999

This fall, I started playing with a few dudes from Sick Electric (Haywire is one of my favorite albums).  They’ve been around playing music for a little longer than I have.  Jimmy (the guitarist/vocalist) knows I’m pretty deep into the maths, and he dropped a major nugget on me:  Jetpack’s one and only full-length album, released in 1999. 

“Who is Jetpack?”, you may ask.  Jetpack is Keith Souza’s band from the late ‘90s.  “OK, but who is Keith Souza?” 

Well:  have you heard Battles’s Mirrored?  Fang Island’s Fang Island?  The Body?  The Psychic Paramount?  Lightning Bolt?  Neptune?  Daughters?  Tyondai Braxton’s Central Market?  Six Finger Satellite?  The Chinese Stars?  Yeah.  Keith Souza recorded all of those at his studio, Machines with Magnets. 

“Well that’s all well and good, but what does the thing actually sound like?”  You’re pretty insistent with the questions there, chief.  But trust me, the thing sounds fucking awesome.  Angular riffs.  Fuzz bass.  Strained vocal harmonies.  Weird songs.  Snaky grooves.  You’re gonna want to listen to this thing over and over and over and over and over. 

Jetpack has no internet presence whatsoever, and it seems like the only way to get this sweet, sweet album is through your good friends at Plenty of Swords!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Doom Salad - Whats for Dunch? (2013)

DOOM SALAD is like some sort of throw back prog with some heavy synthage. but twisty enough to satiate all the adoring math rockers. Not completely sold BUT they certainly have a sound of their own and for that props is due.

Vaya - (pre-release) 2013

Chicago math pop by way of indie rock. The windy city seems like a hot bed for progressive fair these days. Vaya instrumentally seems like they are pushing that pop to its very limit at all times. really technical work for sure. Its an odd yet enjoyable pairing to have almost lounge like singing (think a more capable David Longstreth from Dirty Projectors) with this great math back drop. This for sure will be a release to watch as the riffs are surely insteresting enough to hold your attention and pretty memorable to boot.


mOck - Components EP (2013)

Berlin based group mOck have one new song on display for us from their new EP. If you're not familiar these guys are a mixture of post-rock, intricate math rock and certainly some Jazz. Its all blended incredibly well without any chinks in the armor. This is a three piece that no one should be missing out on for sure.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chapter Books - Pep Talks (2013)

Fellow new yorkers Chapter Books have laid down a pretty enjoyable first effort. Its got a lot of that excellent harder edged emo revival going on but of course its always in the differences that I tend to latch to. The guitars here have a clear attachment to math rock and it injects even more soul into this project. Add a varied vocals approach with some punk energy and you have yourself an incredibly self assured album for a new group. Each song has its own identity that has me wondering what a new release will bring with some time. More of this please?


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Year in Review (Part 2) Return of Jafar

Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever.
There was an evolution of my love for this record. It started with initial listens of the first few songs, followed by seeing them live, then the album finished. Interest turned to like transformed to love. This is honest work, alt-emo of the highest order. You can sing along while your shaking your rump and that to me is a hard thing to achieve. all of this while still be impressed by the songwriting chops. I can safely say that bigger and better things are destined for these boys and hopefully more people start taking notice.

Inside//Outside - Self Titled
This album is many many many wonderful styles gleefully crammed into the body of a  jazz fusion monster. A round of applause because they make this horribly complex music sound like a gorgeous sunday stroll. A true sign for me when an album has so infiltrated my life is when months later it has seeped into my office playlist. It operates as background music when asked or second by second torn apart with intent listening ears. Calming and disorienting within moments. Its in these opposites playing off one another there is built a singular release. I need more of this, please.

A.M. Overcast - Pellow
Alexander Litinsky lords over the realm of math pop like a restless king. I challenge anyone to find music this year that is so sugar sweet yet has disgustingly sharp corners and mathy tight turns. Its just a whole lot of fun....and whats fun without a large amount of handclaps? Trademark boy girl vocals add to the brew as well Alex's expert kit work. Makes a man want to cuddle up with a pellow.

Viridians - (sp) arrows EP
From the first few notes I was hooked to the tune of 23 listens in the first night I stumbled on this album. It hasn't left my side since. Why? Its gotta be those vocals man, including those stunning harmonies and thats not a trait most post hardcore math rock can boast for sure. However, the instrumental portion is so on step that it just clicks with something deep within my soul.  Thats the largest compliment I can pull out really so if you haven't educated yourself on this then redemption is only a click away.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013....a year in review...(PART 1)

Here is the first installment of my round up for the year. These are by no means an "ordered list of my favorite albums from 2013" like you will see elsewhere..... However these are releases that have had real staying power for me through the year. More to come soon.

Our Daily Fix - Tour Singles 
The fix is in... (North of America reference anyone?) but seriously ODF has a formula that should be the envy of any band going. High energy fun with loads of jazz love, great math twists and cohesive songwriting chops. does it help that their sax player rips? yes possibly. Tour Singles has been a go to for myself this year and after having seen them for the second time it has only made my feeling's all the more fond.

Piles and Piles - Premonitions Say
Boston based Piles maybe a fresh faced group but that certainly didn't stop them from landing a 747 on the head of pin. By that I mean their first effort is absolutely brimming with great ideas executed well and doesn't dwell on any one for too long. I can easily see their next release being an even greater barn torcher because of this, mark my words. Also the under lying shoegaze element these gents pass around cloaks these already great songs with some pizazz. Add in some more than capable vocals and an ability to launch from gauzy to full bore rock at a moments notice and you've got a top contender for my heart in 2013.


Toasted Plastic - June Highs
Jersey band number 2? better check the water. Toasted win the award for melding that punk rock sound/energy into impossibly delightful pop delights while still careening around the landscape like a drunken master. That would be enough for me but couple that with some insanely catchy vocals both sung and screamed and its a recipe for me loving the junk out of this release. Somehow sounding like a throwback to the golden years of math rock in the 90's while still smelling so fresh and so clean clean. A must on my list for bands to see in 2014.


Gulfer - Transcendals
What can I say about Montreal's Gulfer that hasn't already been said by myself this year? An impossible understanding of rhythm displayed and juxtaposing that in their song writing. Everyone in this group is firing perfectly. Carrying the delicate melodies to music that realistically shouldn't sound this gorgeous is no easy feat. Oh? whats this? another member and a new song? and its somehow better?
yes, yes it is.
Get used to this name because 2014 will be the year of the Gulfer


Quirky Love Interest

Gotta rep that upstate NY lovin. Two piece instrumental math unit Quirky Love Interest are pretty flipping close to dropping what I believe will be an extremely lovely album. There are a few videos floating around on the interwebs of their live stuff which is pretty clutch but this play through by the drummer shows some really cohesive songwriting and inventive riffery. The duo's catch a lot of heat from me but I'm resting easy that Quirky will be forcing me to rethink things a bit.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Phantom Tollbooth - Power Toy (1988)

I understand December is typically for yearly lists but you won't catch one on this site from me. Possibly a few albums that have had staying power but nope sorry take your pitchfork elsewhere for a list. So I'll do you one better and reflect back  into the early years. Truly not enough people these days want to speak about formative bands in math rock these days. One of many such groups is the interestingly named Phantom Tollbooth (after a famous childrens book...if your not familiar its a good read for anyone). Extremely active and prolific in their relatively short life span (1984-1988)  these guys threw down some fairly left field music for the time. A generous mix of post-punk, noise, art rock and the ever important jazz element made Tollbooth a crazy fast ever shifting group to nail down. If that description sounds a bit like your used to thats because at times it certainly smacks of math rock.

Take a listen to the song "Crash Mode" and you'll begin to see what I mean. They were contemporaries of all the hallowed groups from the 80's (Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, Minutemen ect) and were on the excellent Homestead label (Big Black, Bastro, Seam, Dinosaur Jr. among many other wonderful groups) "Power Toy" was their last album in 1988 and is arguably their best which would be a great starting point if your just coming into them. Robert Pollard (of Guided by Voices) famously commissioned the nixing of all vocals from Power Toy and recorded his own with new lyrics with it being called "Beard of Lightning" in 2003...strange.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Koala Kamaji - Nonsense! My Good Man (2012)

This ones been in the Que for a bit and its time to show some proper love because its just really great stuff. Koala Kamaji are a three piece from Russia that lay down some really wonderful instrumental prog math. Lots of high flying riff magic based in metal town but also the lurking addition of some funk elements via the bass. It sounds a lot better than your probably thinking in your head. Its certainly something to look into on this bright and blustery day.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Steak and Cake Records

Hey guy/gal's just wanted to stop in and cast a light on some really wonderful music being created up north. A friend of mine (Brandon Schlia) runs a pretty boss record label in Buffalo NY called Steak and Cake Records. He's got a pretty wide base of groups and music featuring a lot of indie pop, alternative rock and some bent pop sensibilities.  Trust me that its worth the time to sit down and sift through whats going down. I understand that there isn't time shifting blah blah going down but props need to be dropped where its due. Heres a few things to get you started on your journey.

Inquiring Minds
The New York Breakfast

Steak and Cake Records


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mannheim - Super - Empowered (2013)

Woo talk about a barn burner these cats from the Netherlands have successfully held my attention and won my heart of hearts.

Mannheim are a four piece unit which have the secret weapon of baritone sax in their midst. Its a great formula really, a spritz of prog math heavy on the groove and a post metal back drop for this fairy tale to unfold before. Compositions are a titch slow moving for me and occasionally the guitar riffage becomes a bit stale. Minor gripes truly. These guys really shine however when the sax is playing lead or when these guys bust out a nice mathy groove. Its a pretty damn self assured debut album which always means a lot of practice and care was put into the construction. Check it .


Friday, November 29, 2013

Night Idea - "Ocho the Cat" (2011) ; "Paths" (2013)

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a fan of Playful/Jazz/Math such as Our Daily Fix or Monster Machismo. Now while these men come no where close to the technicality of those two bands, they successfully capture that playful jazz sound that I've come to love so much. A lot of the songs are hit or miss for me on their first album, vocals really only showing up on the less mathy songs. They focus less on tapping and more on the time signatures themselves.(The two tracks that really get me here are Ocho and Open Mind.)

The next part of their discography, consisting of the "Paths" EP, is pleasantly a lot more mathy. Although it seems that somewhere in the process they ended up sacrificing most of their jazz sound for something a little bit more post-rock sounding. Which isn't a bad thing, but it isn't my cup of tea.

(I've notice them being talked about on the swords every once in awhile, specifically on the post about Brother Rutherfrord, but they were never given a proper write up. ) Overall I think its a good listen and both albums are worthy of your time.

Ocho the Cat

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hey Predator! - "Foxholes and Atheists and so Forth" (2010)

Hey Predator! hail from our northern brothers in Montreal. Yes this is an older release but it is an absolutely vital one. Extremely forwarding thinking post-punk with a lot of delicious twists and turns. High energy is the name of the game with these guys not to mention vocals which are equally as engaging. Reminds me a bit another Canadian group North of America. Which shouldn't be too surprising as NoA are a huge influence on a lot of the post-punk/post hardcore math we enjoy (ie Cinemechanica).  I was discussing these guys with Dave from Gulfer (who has an intense knowledge base of all thing math to rock) he informed me these cats are now in the very excellent group Girl Arm.

So I suppose what im getting at is you absolutely need to verse yourself in the Stack Your ugh roster. Montreal has one of the most interesting progressive scenes going right now and itd be a shame to miss anything they have going. plus come on they re-released Them Roaring Twenties!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Mueble - La Gente Vuela En Pan Lactal (2012)

Post rock math from Buenos Aires. Not going to set your night on fire with originality but hey its pretty solid stuff all the same.


Wildcatting - How to Survive a Sneak Attack (2007)

If your an old math rock hound like me you may remember this release brought to you by a few ex bear vs shark members in aught seven. Also I understand some of you may not follow us on the facebook so some things just dont make the transition over please rectify that. HERE.

It's psych math rock of the tallest order going down
go relive the magic. 


Grand Beach - May Long (2012)

Lets face the facts that we are just in a holding pattern for one of Alexander Litinsky's math rock projects to explode. Name not familiar? Shameful. Alex is AM Overcast and has just recently released the very excellent math pop gem "Pellow" Thats it you say? NAY Alex also plays in the more "formal" math rock demons L'viv. So along with these two projects we also have a short EP going by the name of Grand Beach who are poised to release a brand new banger on our faces this upcoming new year.

Its a bit similar to AM in its approach to math but has more of a collaborative feel (obviously) these two tracks from 2012 are great but I think we can bank on the fact that its going to be a scorcher. Alex is possibly the best artist going right now that can hold the pop influences close while still laying down massive time shifts and great riffage. If your interested in hearing some more personal aspects one of our members also recently sat down with Alex. Keep your eyes peeled for this danger cat.


Treegrains - treegrains (2013)

This trio has a whole lot to offer and with a minimal setup at that. But to call this ode to instrumental math minimal in sound would be a grave error. A healthy amount of experimenting is going on with these three pieces as well. Each songs perfectly sets up its sonic identity followed by the band deconstructing then reforming the song into something else entirely with sharp transitions. You'll wonder how you even arrived...its good just let go bro. The band does tend to linger on ideas which is not necessarily a negative especially with bands these days hastily throwing ideas in the atmosphere that become so much star dust....and not the magical kind. It has a bit of that old school 90's math throwback feel also which I am always 100% behind.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Zefs Chasing Cara - Ultra Gown (2013)

New Zefs Chasing Cara has finally arrived. Its been a few years believe it or not since his last release (2010) But thankfully we are here to celebrate. For those unfamiliar this one man UK based math popster revels in tight turns and a penchant for electronic elements. Before I go any further there are great moments here and it is a progression from "Kneel and You Will Lose". However the sort of furthering is one I cant fully be on board for. Like I said Zef's has been steadily creeping toward more and more electro flavored elements but it was always the balance of live and sampled/keyboards that kept me interested. Ultra Gown at times is just too polished and inorganic sounding to totally sell me. The scales have seemingly tipped in favor of less live instrumentation and/or completely blending everything together. Lets be clear when I say that this release does still have more creativity than 75% of the math rock I've been in contact with this year. I gotta say im on the fence with this one and it may take me a few more listens. self imposed hype is never a positive.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vasudeva - Life in Cycles (2013)

Over due posting time for New Jersey based group Vasudeva (My apologies guys). My hope is that most of you will scoff at this post as you are already knowledgeable about these busy body post rocksters. Their previous EP has been a favorite of mine since its release in aught 11. Life in Cycles finds the group with a more determined laser focus on atmosphere and a bit longer structures. The success here lies in all of its distinct parts firing on high levels. Both guitarists share a role in the proceedings with an almost lead guitar and rhythm vibe albeit neither seems stuck in one for too long. Bass fleshes out this business with chocolate milk chords that roll over the landscape and help build that above mentioned atmosphere. Drummer Derek? well its clear this cat is trained...possibly even at a classical level. His play style is effortless and technical without reaching down your throat. More so however is the drum licks are memorable and always fitting to the proceedings. It was a pleasure to catch them live fairly recently and beyond being really chill guys they bring the heat live. Honest to christmas when they ripped into "Back to the Feeding Ground" first song I thought someone punched me in the face (an awesome punch in the face) Their set is meticulous and sounds like much time has been put in with not just song writing but performance sound. Get up and get into this guygals.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Syndicate Fest 2013! and Guillemet

A few points of interest for you Canadian kitties and/or folks willing to make the drive (it'd be well worth it) Syndicate Fest (Toronto) is this Saturday and theres a massive amount of talented artists playing. The great horned owl that is Mouth to Mouth to Mouth will be there as well as Gulfer, Tiny Moving Parts, Bullet Proof Tiger, Oshwa, Junior Bob, Noxious Foxes..are few groups get the idea...the sweetness.

But but but! Our next group on deck for the checking of the out is Guillemet from Chicago that bring out a relentless hardcore punk deaths head with the structural integrity of time shifting doctor who. Mathy without the noodles. It seems as though member wise this is the voltron uniting work of two groups namely Para-medics and Options. Whom you should be versed in at this point and if not well then
you've got some work to do.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Losses - (DEMO) red intent/untitled (2013)

Vancouver cats Losses have dropped  an atomic warhead of a demo track. You can practically see the teeth on this beast as you're listening. These guys had some incredibly well done demos in 2012 that find themselves in pretty heavy rotation in my life. This new pair of tracks offers a double dose of post hardcore riff racket experimental ambient total hardcore math rock twist. Please go engulf, its just that crazy golden.


Fowls - Into the Wild (2013)

Fowls are a group from Rochester NY (UPSTATE!) that bring an interesting blend to the table.  Its Indie pop rock that borrows a few tricks of the trade from math rock and post rock. Its a combo that I've heard a few times but these guys have their own spin and that certainly counts for something. Reminds me a bit of the UK groups doing the similar math pop lite vocal one two punch.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Memória de Peixe - 7/4 (2012)

A looping pedal isn't an automatic slam dunk into math rock glory. But in the case of  Memória de Peixe from Portugal this duo get the job done with some highly inspired on the fly looping. To me the key to perfect use is "if I dont know your using it then you win" This is a hot track for sure and would love to hear more.


The Prophet Nathan - Secret Teachings (2013)

Nashville sons The Prophet Nathan have thankfully dropped their newest release on us today. It's their first proper full length in a hot minute so it's been one I have been patiently waiting on. Since last time we heard them, they have added a bassist which has helped flesh out some of their songs a bit more. Hoping that this release proves to be the kick that these guys need because they are a pure treat and more people should be aware of their majesty. Alternative metal bent to the side while math rock hangs heavy. What I've always enjoyed was their use of space to either bring focus or to just dial back the speed a bit to focus on the vocals. Speaking of which the vocals are much more present and stronger towards the end of the disc which is certainly welcomed.  Highly recommend this release to any man, woman or beast. Been listening to this on repeat all afternoon.

The Prophet Nathan

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dios Trio - Mouse Trap (2013)

I feel like after three years of doing this I can be a bit honest with you guys. Dios Trio's last album is pretty damn boring. So I bet you're wondering why I'm posting up a newish song by them? Because this song is the freaking sauce. Every second of it is quality. If this is even a small fraction of the new stuff these guys are working on, then sign my ass up because I want first dibs on this pony ride.


Fight Cloud - Simple Structures ep (2013)

When we last left our intrepid heroes (who apparently cohere into a brawling mass of water particles) they had already made clear that they were in possession of an incredibly mature sound. As their name would suggest, they were at once ambient with soaring vocals yet ready and willing to toss bolts of hefty electric riffs down to earth and send the people scattering amidst skittering rhythms. Simple Structures is their latest release, and while seemingly a smidgen more muscular, these guys haven't gone to great ends to fix what wasn't broken — there ain't a band out now doing what they do at this level of success. So while I generally like to see some progression from release to release, there are instances where I honest to god just want more of what these dudes are serving up.


Okkoto - Forchids (2013)

Love this intro; wish it went right into something killer instead of dying out. Some quality parts, but feels a little too patchwork stitched.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alarmist - Pal Magnet (2013)

Can we form a committee and talk about how
funtastic this new Alarmist album is?

Why isn't everyone losing their minds over this?

Why are you still reading?!



The Metacarpals - Untitled 1

I'm going to climb onto this rickety limb over here and guess this is a demo...ok fair enough. So why am I talking about this? well because i want....nay I NEEEED the real drums going on here. Guitars have that familiar/ nostalgic hue thats got me hook lined. So yea give me more, give me real, or give me death.


Radiant Republic - Three Against Four (2013)

Miss me? well shoot I missed yall.

Things have been kinda crazy over at casa d'acerola so without further rambling I have to say I have been enchanted for a bit with the fine groups on Sick Room Records. Why should all you fine people of discerning taste care? Well let'ss just say that it's run by former Sweep the Leg Johnny members; that should be enough to get you to listen to anything and everything going on there.

One such group, Radiant Republic, is doing a hell of a job revamping some old discord-era sounds and spinning them into a much noisier and mathier arrangement. Singing is a little plain jane but you ain't riding this pony for soaring power ballad vox, just sweet sweet twists and turns. It's great to hear a self-assured group playing their own way and making sure that pants get rocked in the process. Huge win on this one.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Giraffe Massacre - Failed Attempts (2013)

After having been let down by the new Dismemberment Plan album, a reader on our facebook page suggested I cleanse thine ear holes with this. Giraffe Massacre hail from Oklahoma City and have brought me back to reality for a moment. Also (I've said it before and I'll say it again) two pieces are not my deal at all. So instead of ham isting some garage riffs, these guys bring the heavily infectious melodies and sly rhythms.  I have been through this EP several times now and have found myself coming back to it even in just this short time. Tasteful at all moments, shedding its own light and still sharing obvious influences. Math pop minus vox with some charming head sticking riffs and at times pretty technical drums. I see a lot of bull trash getting thrown around these days in the genre and I was beginning to feel a bit jaded, but turns out allI needed was a good Giraffe Massacre.


Monday, September 23, 2013

David Alfonso Martinez - summersalted (2013)

First, I'd like to get the obvious out of the way...I'm writing because these are some great solo demo songs. Dude's got a nice hushed vocal approach without sounding whiny. Varied instrumental acoustic attack as well with some nicely done Spanish guitar co-opting  which I can always climb on board for. As it says I'm all for getting rid of these programmed drums for a full band approach. David is clearly very comfortable with his cat and in reciprocating fashion the cat is asleep. But this is not cat sleeping music so show some love.

DAM (2013)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Emma Ate the Lion - Songs Two Count Too (2013)

Jesum, this is some incredibly self-assured progressive math. Massachusetts-based Emma Ate the Lion hurl some varied styles at the wall and they paint the picture of a group ready to take on anything. Post-hardcore breaks? Progressive structures? Time changes? Soaring vocals? all here firing in sync. The biggest asset these guys have (aside from everything) is that keyboard/organ player absolutely ripping it hard and dictating each song's next few steps. Vocals firmly throw this in the realm of math-pop but perhaps the most diverse pop I've heard in a dog's day. It's refreshing to hear a group so comfortable in a sound they clearly have crafted for themselves. While the genres are familiar the presentation is captivating to listen to unfold before you.

HIGHLY suggest that everyone with a passing interest in anything music related needs to check this out.
Dare I say this is my new favorite album? Certainly
one to dethrone on this last quarter of 2013.  

EATL (2013)   

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unicornibot - Mambotron (2013)

Spanish math served up with an alt-rock bent. The time changes are seamlessly integrated into the package making it a blast to listen to. Unicornibot (aside from a name that's a bit difficult to pronounce) have a familiar feel, almost a throwback sound in a way. Must say they do very much play by their own rules however. Some pretty neat riff interplay and drums as well.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sleep For the Nightlife

Hey! This is a pretty overdue post buuuuut, like all good things, they must happen in their own time. Let's get started: if you're not aware, Toronto's Sleep for the Nightlife is like 11 tons of kobe beef raining down into your maw. I saw these guys a few years back and it was a positively punishing experience, dagger-like precision and grace imbued with incredible power. Instrumental hooks? You like 'em? These guys rain those puppies like Ray Allen does three pointers. Soundwise you've got your wonderfully busy post-rock base with a firm grip on the math realm. Excellent guitar interplay and always interesting kit work. Yet there is enough of the familiar to keep you grounded and waiting for the
next cool moment. Trust me, you won't have to wait long to start loving this.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Death and the Ninth Day - Man Falls Down Well

I have been patiently waiting on this record to come out ever since I first checked these guys out back at the start of the year. Back then they had just the three tracks of this, with another four to follow. Well I can happily say it was worth the wait, as these guys have laid down some epic tunes with some serious instrumentation. Though not purely Math Rock there is plenty here for you to enjoy, with a sound that to me incorporates indie-sounding tech metal, prog, and a healthy dose of math, to name a few of the styles they weave together. At points they sound a bit like Animals as Leaders covering TTNG tunes (well, that's what struck me when I first heard the track hanging houses).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gaston - What Time Does Your Train Leave Today (2004)

As promised, I am upping this incredible post-rock group from Berlin called Gaston. Some deep jazz roots and an amazing compositional sense run through this album. The best part? The atmosphere that is built around each idea until it seemingly melts away, only to reform. A trait lacking in a lot groups that try to write ambient tunes from a math rock perspective.

What Time Does Your Train Leave Today

Do nascimiento - Do nascimiento (2011)

Confession time: I am a math rock hoarder.

It finally feels good to get that off my chest. So now that a team of trained individuals are twisting my arm, I am emptying my back catalog of tasty math from years past. First stop — Italy. 

Do Nascimiento are an impassioned bunch of gents with lots of high energy old school "emo-ness". A bit in the realm of that Philly sound but unhinged vocally (in a good way). Instrumentally you've heard this before, but it's honest work and they do try a couple different approaches here and there.

Quality stuff, but I do tend to like more creative juices dripping from this stuff.

(Bonus points for the pele nod)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lost in the Riots - Kong (single 2013)

Who's happy to see Pumpkins out?!

Anyway, Lost in the Riots released a pretty accomplished full length earlier this year. Clearly not ones to rest on their laurels, we're being treated to a hot new single. This group of UK gents travel in the ancient art of instant post rock gratification by way of tasty math. I have to say the full length was missing a certain "spice"or other non specific word that could mean any number of things. How does the single fair? Well blow me down, we've got a winner. Tons of great moments exploding in just this track alone, so dive in or dine out. It's expensive to do that, so I suggest get to diving in and downloading.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vernon Wayne - Jazzes (2013)

Greetings and salutations, friends, I am back with yet another installment of math that will keep your peepers peeled. Today I submit for your approval —Vernon Wayne, a group from Minneapolis. Vernon bring your math rock via an indie rock/metal bent with some well-crafted song structures and more than capable vocals. One of the more subtle elementals I've been enjoying about them is that their dual guitar attack is a bit indebted to classic metal sounds. It may not be clear, but it's to Vernon's favor that they are able to synthesize more than a few genre that they enjoy. In the process they have distilled a pretty tasty beverage, an artisanal root beer in my approximation. Highly suggest their previous release (Prints *2011) as well which ups the math and metallic tastes but lacks the refined song structures of Jazzes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Control - Volition (2013)

One track featuring a UK based two-some... wait for it... bass and drums. While your brain is conjuring some blasty-aggro-shoddily-produced-mess this is leagues away. Control have a wonderful progressive backbone and move in and out pretty freely between mathy sections and post-metal yarn while always keeping a heavy hand on the melody button. These guys cover a disgusting amount of ground in six minutes and it's honestly over before you can bat an eye. Oh and that cover art of the boat? They play on it in their video, clutch biz.

Monday, September 2, 2013

El Hombre Trajeado - Shlap (2004)

Dialing back the clock a bit for y'all because it occurs to me that maybe people are not aware of these guys. There's a lot of focus placed (understandably so) on newer groups these days and it's important to gain perspective. Glasgow-based post-punk math rock group El Hombre Trajeado are an incredibly groovy and original sounding band who shut their doors in 2006. When I say original I mean that they certainly try some more left field stuff than a lot of groups these days. I highly suggest everyone grab all of their releases via bandcamp which they've made available to the public.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Soft Skills - A Future to Remember (2013)

SMACK — right in the ticker! Been waiting awhile to be taken at note one and here we are dear friends.

Soft Skills features two members of "Duck. Little Brother, Duck!" in yet another instance of the progeny being stronger and more focused than the progenitor. A couple of notable features running deep are awesome drums and a nice lighter indie math rock style. The icing for me though has to be the keyboard, a horribly underused instrument in this style featured front and center. Vocals? Yep, and they're pretty boss hog as well.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alpha Male Tea Party - Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide (2013)

Been keeping a close eyeball on these guys for a bit now and had wondered when we would hear from them next. Well, here it is. This UK based group has opened themselves up a bit more to harder hitting guitars with certainly no shortage of chunktastic mathy turns. Track 3 "Go to the Ant, you sluggard" features some — dare I say — accessible vocals and is a standout single for sure.  Personally I would think men, woman, and children of all ages would find at least something here to really hold on to, but maybe I'm biased. Anyway it's in your best interest to take a peek because there are some really great moments going on.   

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Sad Pterodactyls (2013)

Math Rock Blue Grass? What will they think of next? Eh, I guess it's not too far off the map of tradition (swap out one guitar for banjo). While I do have some gripes with these guys, it's worth a mention for sure as they are poking their fingers out of the box a bit. The vocals? Wellllllll, they need a bit of work. Dude does fine when he's getting into it, but as far as just singing, maybe a bit more care need be taken. This doesn't detract from the overall vibe of enjoyment so not to worry.

Unsure if there really needs to be a tear drop on that pterodactyl. Guy already looks sad as hell.

P For Persia - Coral Canyon (2011)

2011 seems a bit dated than we are used to here, I realize — BUT! These UK spacey chip math indie noise beasts are releasing a split EP (Aegis Arctic Alp) tomorrow and as such you should all be on high alert (because it's awesome). Certainly check out Coral Canyon beforehand to get some fresh perspective before you dive headfirst into the EP tomorrow. It's some pretty scattershot music, but they do a great job of wrangling everything under one roof.