Saturday, December 14, 2013

Year in Review (Part 2) Return of Jafar

Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever.
There was an evolution of my love for this record. It started with initial listens of the first few songs, followed by seeing them live, then the album finished. Interest turned to like transformed to love. This is honest work, alt-emo of the highest order. You can sing along while your shaking your rump and that to me is a hard thing to achieve. all of this while still be impressed by the songwriting chops. I can safely say that bigger and better things are destined for these boys and hopefully more people start taking notice.

Inside//Outside - Self Titled
This album is many many many wonderful styles gleefully crammed into the body of a  jazz fusion monster. A round of applause because they make this horribly complex music sound like a gorgeous sunday stroll. A true sign for me when an album has so infiltrated my life is when months later it has seeped into my office playlist. It operates as background music when asked or second by second torn apart with intent listening ears. Calming and disorienting within moments. Its in these opposites playing off one another there is built a singular release. I need more of this, please.

A.M. Overcast - Pellow
Alexander Litinsky lords over the realm of math pop like a restless king. I challenge anyone to find music this year that is so sugar sweet yet has disgustingly sharp corners and mathy tight turns. Its just a whole lot of fun....and whats fun without a large amount of handclaps? Trademark boy girl vocals add to the brew as well Alex's expert kit work. Makes a man want to cuddle up with a pellow.

Viridians - (sp) arrows EP
From the first few notes I was hooked to the tune of 23 listens in the first night I stumbled on this album. It hasn't left my side since. Why? Its gotta be those vocals man, including those stunning harmonies and thats not a trait most post hardcore math rock can boast for sure. However, the instrumental portion is so on step that it just clicks with something deep within my soul.  Thats the largest compliment I can pull out really so if you haven't educated yourself on this then redemption is only a click away.

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