Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carbon Tigers - The Dover Sessions Vol. 1

Wonderfully produced Chicago group that dial down the math element and create some honest indie rock. Surprising moments of riffs pop in sparingly to add that much need tapping element or a time change.  Otherwise this is some solid stuff.  Kinda reminds me of Minus the Bear a bit with some Reign of Kindo (minus the jazz).  Mainstream without falling into all the some pitfalls that similar groups get stuck in.  My favorite part? Vocals. Awesome all around. Dont wait and check their EP out from 2010. Just as great.

The Dover Sessions (2011)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Interior Palette Toeshoes - Nude (2011)

I was searching for information regarding the still-delayed new Natsumen record and stumbled upon a brief recommendation to check this EP out, bolstered by their description as a Toe/Mouse on Keys hybrid. Nothing is particularly stellar, but they manage to maintain the illusion that every Japanese band is comprised of robots set to "Extreme Technical Proficiency" and there are some hummable melodies here and there. Production is lackluster, doing its best to compress all life out of each performance, but at least they got some claps in the percussion track. Worth a listen if you got that itch.

Nude EP

(Password is "music".)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No More Books?! Don't Worry Zammuto's Here

     If you read this and instantly thought I was going to reference some Bradbury level shit well....your wrong. The great and mighty emotional sample heavy band "The Books" is no more.  This concerns me if only for the fact that these guys really had this singular sound that I have rarely heard done. Every release of theirs has been carefully listened to countless times by myself. The Lemon of Pink being their mastepiece.
    Oldish news I suppose but there happens to be light at the end of the tunnel for the faithful. Nick Zammuto (principle vocalist of said group) has assembled a mighty team with the appropriate title "Zammuto". Their full length is set to drop very soon although an EP has crept in. Truth be told my skepticism level was shall we say "MONUMENTAL". If I may be so bold that this EP will have my utmost attention as any Books release after several listens. Im getting a more cohesive band oriented Book's vibe going on with more pronounced vocals. What's that you say? you're wondering about that superb Books style percussion aren't you? don't worry its slick solid basting sauce. Check it and wait with me for the full length :)

Zammuto - Idiom Wind EP

Apollo's Arrows

If you dont know now you know.