Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zefs Chasing Cara - Muscle Peel / Pit Keeper

Ok so this isn't "NEW" Zef's that has been in the works for a bit but its some older stuff our ears haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. In conclusion I am happy with this as any and all from this wonderful one man machine I need...and by extension you need. Unfamiliar? Thats a borderline deal breaker so get in the good graces and relive the magic or some such. Did i mention both these songs are the tits?

Monday, December 17, 2012


As I have stated before its easier now more than ever to find math rock centered info on the interwebs. Quality? well theres not a lot but when I do come across something ( cough cough New Noise Archives cough cough) I like to give props where do. The sub reddit Calculus and Whatnot is a great resource. It is frequented by good knowledgeable contributors and math bands alike.
 Learn and Love it.  
     It is here that I happened across this very excellent three piece. Barky, a NY based avant instrumental jazz rock group. It is the main vehicle for song writer Scott Barkan. While his own work is unassumingly un math this power trio oozes with complex rhythms, brilliant stuff.  Everyone here will enjoy.