Monday, December 20, 2010

Zefs Chasing Cara - Kneel and you will Lose (2010)

 This clearly shows the focus of one man. Starting out much like its amazing precursor ep (I'm Gowing) this is some sprightly math rock that showcases a true ear for a riff and off color drum lick. But its in the differences that pushes "Kneel and you will Lose" heads over its older brother. The first two songs indeed crib pages out of "I'm Gowing" however electronic and sparse vocals begin shifting into place and a lovely mix of post-rock electronic math is whats is left for the better part of the EP. As always the lo-fi drums are charming and interesting and the guitar remains the showcase. From what I understand he was or is a member of a UK math rock band but the name escapes me. This is unimportant as it is one among my favorite release of this year, dig in.

Kneel and you will Lose

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  1. This is radballs too.

    Just one dude? Totally epic.

    Even when I was good at fret-tapping, I sucked at recording it. I have no idea how dudes get it sounding so sparkly.