Sunday, September 28, 2014

U Sco - Treffpunkt (2014)

Its true I've been incredibly absent for awhile but that does not mean I've been asleep at the wheel. Few things as of late have really pushed the boundaries in the mathy prog realm for me. I ray of hope has displayed what ive been waiting for however with the newest U Sco release. If you're unaware of this project from ex: Duck Little Brother Duck drummer and bassist with the guitarist from With Eyes Abstract then hit the link here U Sco - Nest (2012)

It may be premature BUT this is the album to dethrone now in 2014. Previous releases have been hinting at some sort of post-hardcore prog noise manifesto and by god its in spades here with Treffpunkt. As I've said before Ryan Miller is one of the top guitarist's of the (cough cough) "scene" without the fanfare he richly deserves. This is the strongest case for it with lead lines that straddle the earth of searing prog and melodically flecked atonal pedal work. If this was the only business being shelled out on this release we could call it a day, thankfully this is just the start. John Scheid (bass) and Phil Cleary (drums) not only hold down the rhythm section but are locked so in tune that its clear these two have been playing for a long time with one another. Some of the tightest corners being pulled on these songs. Phil has always been a drummer that is endlessly creative. To be truthful these two provided my favorite moments from their former groups.

So enough of the tongue wagging, whats this beast sound like? Well surprisingly enough thematically I get a strong throw back from darker math from the early 90's like Jesus Lizard and that ilk. It goes well beyond this as the music is incredibly restless and relentlessly brutal.  Needless complexity is thrown out the window as the songs just seem to call for some exceedingly fast bits while others are heavier.  Just a total package going on with its melding of progressive song structures, post hardcore riffs interspersed with inspired pedal skronk.  The one thing I think about also with these cats are there just aren't any other bands who could handle what is happening on this release.  In less capable hands the entire deal would collapse and we'd still be talking about a strong album even then. There's a great flow to the album and each song puts enough distance between to really making you feel that these are individual pieces to the puzzle. At the end of the day endless dissection is not what any music calls for so if anything above sounded remotely interesting chances are your going to have a strong emotion either way, trust in that.