Friday, May 20, 2016

Breakfast - Untitled (2016)

Sort of an over due post honestly.
A few years back I braved an upstate new york snow storm to see a previous incarnation of this fantastic group (along with junior bob) called Elos Arma....which I highly suggest everyone still check out.

Breakfast is made up of mostly the same crew but with the replacement of their second guitarist. A lot of the same features remain...bombastic and excellently executed vocals..a penchant for pop melodies and excellent drums. This time around Breakfast has embraced a much more... angular approach to structure which I think we can all appreciate here. Looking forward to a lot of good things in the future from these gents.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oroboro - Demo (2016)

OroborO - Demo (2016)

Its been a bit since a three piece has really hit me with fantastically subtle instrumental math. A hard position to be in for sure to really stand out but I can safely say that after..many times through its clear that these are some real deal tunes.

Inspired and memorable guitar lines match up with occasional unexpected rhythms to really mold these three songs. The impressive aspect that keeps bringing me back in are the intelligent song structures and how the band plays with dynamics to keep things fresh and interesting. I can appreciate as well that no one instrumental (or all) are really trying to tap their way out of a cave or solo through heaven. Its a riff based affair that has a sort of 90's throw back vibe especially with some of the chordal choices and progressions but its a welcome vibe really and helps edge things into a warm nostalgic territory at times. Do yourself a favor and jump into this...