Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kit Fisto - II (2011)

Math Rock can be taken in more directions than one would think. Not to say that this particular brand gets snubbed but the straight up party math rock tends to be made to DD the night of the big shindig.  Kit Fisto exist in a realm where metal, alternative rock and tap happy math pump their collective fists in the air. The sense of enjoyment from these guys is just extremely in your face. Did I mention their from Florida? Sounds about right. Whenever I listen to them I half expect them to break into some Chon style riffage and at times they come close however they always reign it back in. If these guys can harness more of whats going on in these three songs, up the very welcome vocals that sneak their way in, possibly kick up BPM's a titch  we will have a dangerously amazing little LP on our hands. Excited to see what a next time bring's.


Vasquez - EP

math-ROCK  p A r T Y ROCK pop!

Watch these guys this year. 20$ their full length rocks your face. great pedal work. Nuff said in the words of Stan the man Lee.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Monomer- Ranger Wars (2011)

I just reunited with a childhood friend who I had lost contact with many years ago; in that time he went to Berklee and learned some fucking tricks. Acey, check this shit immediately; It is so completely your thing, and everyone here at the Swords for that matter; legit videogame soundtrack action. Immediate download.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Antoine Dufour - Existence (2008)

A change of pace here for myself but no less awesome. Antoine Dufour is a Canadian "finger-style" acoustic guitar player. Think in the same vein as  Don Ross, Micheal Hedges and more recent contemporary Andy Mckee. Truth be told I am not huge on a lot of the other gents I just mentioned but Dufour's progression choices and playing style almost remind me of some kind of acoustic video game soundtrack...or something. All of his releases are super excellent picking this particular one was not easy. I will keep this short though and let you guys form your own opinions.  Can't think of many that wouldnt find at least something to like about this.

Existence (2008)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

With Eyes Abstract - WEA (2011)

Let me start by saying I have found it impossible to not like an album recorded at "The Thousand Caves" with Colin Marston at the helm (Behold the Arctopus/ Dysrhythmia)  The sound is certainly a throw back and he always knows how to make the guitars sound just right. 

"With Eyes Abstract" have this small release recorded at the end of 2010 and are apparently poised for a full length this year, color me excited.  This is dark/prog jazz metal in a lot of the same fashion that Dysrhythmia is. I would say though that they possibly have more jiggs and jaggs thrown in making it sound super dense and busy (I LOVE THIS). My musical ADD needs constant stimuli and "With Eyes Abstract" never let me down. Surprisingly tuneful as well which I wasn't entirely expecting.  The more I've been playing this as well the more things I find that I enjoy about it. Like I said not without its share of sleeved influences but singular in their own way. Well worth the time if you fancy yourself a lover of that "brutal prog" sound.

WEA (2011)