Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facing New York

"If you don't know, now you know"   B I G

There are a few times I will arrive so massively late to a party that I feel like a moron, this is one of those times. This is rock firing on all cylinders. Gorgeous vocal melodies and guitars that cut your throat one moment or cradle your skull to the ground in an instant. My body has currently forced me to listen to this groups entire discography. enough said.

Oh and one more thing I love about this band. THOSE KEYBOARDS! flipping colossal.

Oh fuck and the DRUMS!

(Live, with Gav Castleton on keys. Ricky Reed is front and center on guitar/ lead vocal)
Facing New York

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Joggers - With a Cape and a Cane / Solid Guild

 Angular 90's garage rock with alternate tunings.  Owing much to pioneers and masters alike such as Archers of Loaf and especially Polvo, even still this Portland Oregon group most assuredly make songs that could only come from them. The best songs honestly have that sort of high energy missing occationally from other bands who use alternate tunings. Solid Guild their first full length really busts out the vocal harmonies in such a way that even the most hardened skeptic would be impressed. With a Cape and a Cane the group really break out furthering the guitar into middle eastern territory while also dialing up the speed when needed. All in all this is garage rock that has been twisted into some kind of jagged odd sounding beast. Its more than worth checking out and has remained a staple in my listening for years.   

 With a Cape and a Cane

Solid Guild