Saturday, February 4, 2012

Into it Over it - Proper

Do Not Be Fooled By This Picture.
Now that we have that out of the way I suppose I will keep with the loose theme I've got going this weekend of Indie Rock.

Enter one man Evan Thomas Weiss (ex/ the progress, ex/up up down down left right... ex Damiera bassist) This is Evans joint through and through and if any of the above mentioned bands perk your head then listen up. To be fair this stuff is done by a lot of bands but where it excels is in pure execution. So we've got your indie rock, intricate guitar lines, twisting drums and awesome memorable vox.  This stuff is like a brain worm. None of these songs will ever leave you...ever, you've been warned.  I realize this isn't a lot to go on but this stuff lays it on from the gates and never lets you go. Even when its dialed down with some acoustic its A-OK.  Great driving music as well. So lets take this recent odd weather (at least for the northeast) and take a cruise with this joint.


Also odd link between this post and me out.  So before Damiera (as mentioned above Evan played bass for) Lead Dave Raymond played in a band called League. League had an obvious love of...Counterfit! Why would I say this? well one of League's songs cribs an entire line from a Counterfit song.
cough cough league cough cough :)

Counterfit - Super Amusement Machine/ Helen Earth Band - Our Own Ghost City

Incredibly solid group from the early 2000's. If your looking for something experimental or unique unfortunately you should check out some of the other posts here. What I can say is these guys have an excellent ear for a vocal melody and actually some nice rhythmic guitar work. I'd say a more tech version of your indie rock bands with some chimmy chimey guitars.  This music does get stuck in your head and you will feel super ok about that. 
Counterfit - Super Amusement Machine

Fun Fact: one of the guitarist's and the drummer are currently in the band Helen Earth Band.  They have a more pop oriented slower kind of sound than Counterfit.  Not 100% sold on these guys yet but I haven't been able to spend enough time on their first release. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
Helen Earth Band - Our own Ghost City

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skeletons - MONEY - 2008

I guess you could say that this highly experimental pop album is loosely based in funk. There are some hot rhythms, choice horn parts, good vocals, strange lyrics, ragged noise, muddiness, and a huge sonic palette. Digs into your ear canal to lay its eggs. Occasionally they'll sound like they're ripping off some more well-known bands, but there's so much bizarre shit going on that its an easily-forgivable offense.

Nail it on their Bandcamp.
Dont mean to butt in on Frankie's excellent post but I have been a large fan of these guys for years. Sadly I had lost touch with the group and only really gotten a chance to enjoy their 2007 effort "lucas".  Of course I enjoyed them more when they were called "Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities" but whats in a name really?
- Acerola
Lucas (2007)