Thursday, January 3, 2013

P.O.S.- We Don't Even Live Here (2012)

Yo ya'll. It has been a hot minute since I did a Ninko post up in here; mostly that is due to the overwhelming amount of amazing math coming from all of our various contributors, and although this is a pretty direct destination for your math rock needs, I feel like spreading a little astray goodness up in these parts.

P.O.S. has just recently caught my attention, as I have read a few "top 20 albums" lists that have cited his 4th release, We Dont Even Live Here, as one of the best of the year. Before these year-end lists, I had seen glowing reviews of this album, but had only until recently checked the singles instead of the whole.

New Years Eve, I was about to head out on a 20 minute drive to a party and wanted some new music for the ride, so I found my way to this album, and I have not stop listening to it since. It meets all my criteria for good hiphop: it is well written, well produced, and smooth as hell. It starts off aggressively with a one-two combo of swaggering intimidation in opening tracks Bumper and its excellent follow up and single, Fuck Your Stuff, but then in comes How We Land, which is what really caught my attention. It reminded me of a combination of Brendan from Gruvis Malt singing over some Outkast rhymes and production. Its full of hooks, great flows, and a very well placed vocal breakdown featuring some dude you might know from Some Band. Check it here:

Do check it. Further listening leads to the other single from the album, Get Down, as well as his 2001 debut in the group Cenospecies: their self titled is Here.

we dont even live here

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(PART 2) Plenty of Swords - Return of the Mix (PART 2)

Welcome to the second installment of the POS mix. Please keep in mind both of these have been placed in a specific order and (should) flow. The tracks used are not meant as a "Best of!" or some such but just songs I have been enjoying. 

Plenty of Swords Mix: Part the Second:
1. Rooftops - Astray Life
2. A.M Overcast - Snow Punks
3. Yeah Great Fine - Rise With the Sun
4. Arcing - Life Full of Fuck It
5. Bastro - Counterrev Bhutan
6. We Versus the Shark - Ten Uh Clock Heart Uh Tack
7. Who's Your Favorite Sun God? - Wizard Certificate 
8. X-Ray Press - On Breathing Water
9. Instrumental Quarter - Robots
10. Agent Fresco - Eyes of a Cloud Catcher
11. Grown Ups - Open Sesame 
12. Mister Metaphor - The Observer 
13. Friendly Bears - Light
14. Honey for Petzi - Trust the Square
15. Tera Melos - Magical 
16. Mock Orange - Break Lights On
17. Knot Feeder - Caress the Industry
18. Itto - Gift Horse
19. Dysrhythmia - Bus Terminal
20. The Cancer Conspiracy - Loft Complication
21. Bad Dudes - Human Shield
22. Aucan - Rooko
23. Battles - Snare Hanger
24. Cinemechanica - North Dakota
25. Capillary Action - Elevator Fuck
 26. Cheval de Frise - II
27. Sleeping People - People Staying Awake

link in comments. peace.

Plenty of Swords Presents....a mix...

Happy New Year Swordsmen! (and Swordswomen)
I have been cooking up a little mix over my few days off from work and ugh....its not really so little. But thats not a bad thing! Theres two parts and this is just the first so stay tuned for more.

(POS) Mix #1:
1. PostMadonna - The Universe Begins Part 1
2. NGOD - Bait Head
3. Cats and Cats and Cats - Anchoress
4. Tenebre - Libelle
5. The Prophet Nathan - Chinese Meridians
6. Alta - Winter/Mute
7. Stage Kid(s) - Crowd Pleaser
8. Them, Roaring Twenties - Labia Arabia
9. Shiner - Play Dead
10. Rumah Sakit - Careful With That Fax Machine
11. Zefs Chasing Cara - I.Erkan Urkan
12. Penpal - Octopus
13. Colossal - Short Speech 
14. Ahleuchatistas - Lighted Stairs
15. Know Think - Aeroplanes
16. Of The Swaing Sort - Falls Fully In
17. The Plastic Constellations - Davico
18. Ebu Gogo - Mantresses (Those Buildings Are Watching You)
19. Concentric - Monument 
20. Enemies - Bits of Parrot
21. Chinook - Jencon
22. From Fiction - Terry
23. Malegoat - Ignore
24. Brontide - Arioso
25. North of America - Wet to Dance 
26. Colditz Glider - Who Blew Up the Brill Building
27. Damiera - Unison
28. Monster Machismo - Time Portal Fiasco 
29. Pennines - Open Closed Open

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shield Your Eyes

London based Shield Your Eyes have been banging out incredibly solid noise for a couple years now.
They have been mentioned in passing on this site and our facebook group...but they most certainly deserve a more formal appreciation. A power trio in every sense of the word. Not your standard math rock either more of a prog-blues with time signature bending flirtations. Some pretty gal dern unique guitar riffs flying in and out of this as well  which I believe makes it that much more special. At times noisey and chaotic yet can move rather quickly to something much more subdued from song to song or within a song. 

Volume 4 is there 2011 release which is a great place to start with these guys

Live performance that is well recorded and downloadable for free....yes free. 

Also just as a question here... do people listen to podcasts? if we did one would anyone listen? The idea has been floating around to have a plenty of swords podcast but if it sounds like a bad idea...well let us know please.