Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stepfriends - All We've Got (2014)

Been waiting on this for awhile as Mr. Greg McClure (Del Paxton) runs this skins on this venture as well. Seems like theres a lot of cats involved from the Syracuse/ Buffalo NY area which always peaks my ears. Sound wise you've got your new school emo sounds that is so hot right now but its safer to say this is indie rock through and through with plenty of variation.  Perhaps the strongest pull I get from these guys are the overwhelming pop sensibilities from the vocals, in both performance and lyrical content show a true understanding of this dynamic. If I had to think of a band sound wise to compare I'd have to say Evan Weiss's "Into It Over It" solo project in both songs and singing and thats a hard win in my book. Song's grab you where they should and you will undoubtedly have at least a few chorus's stuck in your dome...for the very best. Its been awhile also but I cant recall the last time an album has sounded so concise yet each lends itself to the album as a whole so well. Some aux. instrumentation (daddy loves hand claps) flesh out the songs but never are relied upon. I do truly hope this is not some one off and that we can expect more because this album eats like a hearty meal this fall. No duds on this album guys so please check it out and lavish accordingly.

Side note: I was a little sad that the sensational hand clap build of track 5 "Quiet Place" didn't erupt into deadly guitar fireworks but the song is so damn good anyway its easily forgiven.