Saturday, September 3, 2011


  2 piece intricate math-rock

Updation: Tripper (2011)
A long awaited return to form for the group now stripped of their full band format. The guitar's are actually darker than previous releases and rely more on Hill's drums for technical support. Structure wise I wish I could say that its just as crazy as earlier releases but time away must have calmed their restless nature. It's actually a welcome progression for the group even though I really loved Spencer's take on that video game guitar sound. Very interested to know other peoples take on this.


What do you get when you take two gentlemen that have been playing together since high school and add an enormous amount of technical skill? Well it appears you end up with Sacramento Cal. own Hella. Their sound is always a furious attack of off time video game inspired mayhem. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the genre knows that these gentlemen are at the top of the pack.While there are groups that try and crib their sound, they are singular in composition and skill. Past incarnations of Hella has swelled their numbers but they are almost always better stripped to core members Spencer Seim and Zach Hill. Hill's drumming is almost talked about more than the actual group and even a focus of division among some. There is nothing standard about his playing style. Seemingly an almost disregard for any traditional 4/4 beat structure and even if payed close enough attention plays out of time with Spencer's guitar in select places. Listen and Enjoy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special Others - PB

To breath easier sometimes you just need a group that's going to:

A) Be good at their instruments
B) Have fun
C) Not challenge you so much intellectually (sounds not so fantastic but you cant tell me you don't enjoy some nice car ride music)

Special Others from Japan cram jam a lot delicious berries in the pie. This is fast paced Jazz Rock that isn't going to put you into a "prog-coma".  Emphasis on Jazz here folks and a spritz of Jam and Funk for good measure. There are vocals that sprout up but they are far and few between. Just plain good and good for you.