Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brightest Color - EP

Seems as though the residual trickle down economics of 80's synth revival (isn't there always an 80's synth revival no matter what year it is? ) and danceable math pop ala Foals has emerged in more than a couple bands as of late. I have my own personal love/hate battles with aspects of both but these guys Brightest Color seem to have struck some sort of balance. Is this going to melt your mind with awesome? eh i suppose it wouldn't leave you breathless but there are some genuinely excellent riffs sandwiched in here. Track 2 "Intimacy" opens with what could be a lost mega man boss level. I'm going to say Sabrage Man? Anywho check it could be your thing.

Brightest Color

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A.M. Overcast - Shepherd Moon (2011)

It should be noted right off the bat that if someone told me Rob Crow was involved with this that I wouldn't be at all surprised. Thats high praise in my book by the way. Alexander Litinsky takes that style of Math Pop as a framework for his own frenetic solo work and amps up the time changes and catchy vox. Boy Girl harmonies? yes please! Handclaps in multiple songs? MORE SIR MORE! For the style it doesn't get any better for goodness sake. There is just not enough of this kind of jazzed up complex pop going on today (as of writting this I've made it through 4 runs. not counting the album before this one ;) If you need a change up of the same old same old then this will spearmint your music bad breath into next year... or something.

Shepherd Moon (2011)