Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Manray - Tournament (2011)

One of the newest editions to the great Athens, Georgia based label, Hello Sir Records (home to Cinemechanica, Bronzed Chorus, Antarctic) this is some intense, driving, math ROCK. Think early Adebisi Shank with occasional shouted vocals or Battles crossed with Fugazi. Also reminds me of Alarma Man. If you dont know them, perhaps I should post that next. Check it!

Scarlet (2011)

Rhode Island boys Scarlet are practioners of the in vogue "POP MATH" style of music.

Those vocals are sure to melt even the most stone hearts...for sure. Scarlet is no slouch in the instrumentaling either. Firing on all cylinders they are Incredibly tight and keep things very accessible even when things get a bit tricksy.  A lot of pop math misses the mark as far as catchy hooks and vocals so if that is what you like (and who doesn't?) then these guys are whats up. Be sure to check out all of there shtuff on the camp.

s c a r l e t

Axes (2011)

London based Alt math rock group.

Super tight bizz. Think if Fago Sepia was invited to a rad party. Sure the good times do eventually chill a bit but the melodies are strong enough to carry even the less frantic parts. Can only imagine a full length release will mean stronger songs :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

14 Foot 1 - "Christ Grenades" [2007]

14 Foot 1 – “Christ Grenades” [2007]
Math-rock is the new punk. 
14 Foot 1’s “Christ Grenades” is a super fun album.
  Youthful, catchy, sloppy, life-affirming math for your ears.
 These kids were dreaming big, and they actually managed to pull of some pretty rad moments.  The songs are kinetic and fun, and there is some electronic / overdubbed ear candy interspersed to spice things up. 
These guys still play shows from time to time, and its rumored that a new album is on the way.  Stay tuned!