Saturday, December 15, 2012

U SCO - NEST (2012)

Let me get this off my chest and say I am so freaking glad U SCO are back in the game with a new release. Missed their first offering? You best check that at some point as well. This trio of death features members of two very wonderful math rock groups, Duck Little Brother Duck and With Eyes Abstract. Ryan Miller of With Eyes Abstract is without a doubt an INCREDIBLY under rated guitar player and should be right along side some of the best. Dark Prog influences with elements of noise and of course that math rock we crave. Amazing stuff.

Babar is Back!

 Its been a couple years since we've see them but they are back in full force. Check out this devastating instrumental math unit if your unfamiliar. 

Year End Round Up (Part 3)



Bring in the pastoral post-math rock by way of a drum and guitar duo. Really chilled sounds even when the tempo heats up a bit. Is it a coincidence one of these songs is named "My Little Viking"? hmm I'll let you be the judge. 

Provide some serious instrumental math magic. Nice and Energetic vibe's and some solid melodies running through this beast. Be sure to check out their last release as well.  UK based with enough to ground them in some similar style groups while still maintaining their own sound. Golden.
Rock and Roll doused with chain mail of math and helm of indie experimental. Really enjoying these guys lately. Vocals as well are a bit different yet mesh surprisingly well. warning as well your going to have a bit of awesome drumming occurring, watch your faces. 
Lovely and disjointed math-prog with a surprisingly decent sense of melody. Interested in Rhythmic changes? yea ugh this is whats up. Never in danger however to come apart at the seems just really impressive songwriting.  Their bandcamp states "No feckin tappin or slappin" fair enough im in. 

Math-pop by way of the UK good stuff. I dare you to listen to this and not enjoy. Not a really great dare I know. 



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Macho Muchacho - Eme Eme (2012)

Tap-happy frenetic music from Ecuador with no words and even more notes. A lot packed into this brief EP but there are some good melodies going on here as well. Hope to see more from these guys in the future. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year End Round Up (Part 2)

Part Deux....

as far as I can tell is a one man affair that skirts the line between some pastoral indie rock, math rock and even a dash of post-hardcore lite. Really an incredibly solid release and has just the right amount of originality to set it apart from the pack. Always interesting with some pretty unpredictable moments in their for the ADD crowd. Myself included. 


Delicious Death
Have I mentioned this one man effort before? Its been a favorite of mine since I first heard. A really great continuation of Damiera style songcraft. An instrumental version however. Must hear.
Super energetic math rock to get you moving. Strong and busy sound for a three piece. These Rhode Island Native's newest on their bandcamp has added some more textural dynamics and singing which only makes them all the better for it