Sunday, January 22, 2012

With Eyes Abstract - WEA (2011)

Let me start by saying I have found it impossible to not like an album recorded at "The Thousand Caves" with Colin Marston at the helm (Behold the Arctopus/ Dysrhythmia)  The sound is certainly a throw back and he always knows how to make the guitars sound just right. 

"With Eyes Abstract" have this small release recorded at the end of 2010 and are apparently poised for a full length this year, color me excited.  This is dark/prog jazz metal in a lot of the same fashion that Dysrhythmia is. I would say though that they possibly have more jiggs and jaggs thrown in making it sound super dense and busy (I LOVE THIS). My musical ADD needs constant stimuli and "With Eyes Abstract" never let me down. Surprisingly tuneful as well which I wasn't entirely expecting.  The more I've been playing this as well the more things I find that I enjoy about it. Like I said not without its share of sleeved influences but singular in their own way. Well worth the time if you fancy yourself a lover of that "brutal prog" sound.

WEA (2011)

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