Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Speed of Sound in Sea Water


Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets (2011)

Yes I understand I am late to the party on this newest release by these guys. Im very pleased to report that they have amped up the math and tightened up their sound in the process. Vocals seem to be less cutey cute than last time and more memorable. All in all a stronger release which I had chalked these guys up to fading into the nethersphere after their first too. Really digging on this.

A Spritz of Math and a heavy dose of Pop-Rock. These gentz seem to be garnering a nice little name for themselves. Pretty catchy stuff if your ask me. The curious screaming during some of the songs doesn't really seem to make much sense as the music is pretty indie pop-rock.  The vocals are center stage in this affair and do a nice job of fleshing out the music. 

Red Version


see that link above? click, listen, and love it.


Innerty - Tabula Rasa

Ok. So heres the deal. I am kind of back and forth on these guys. Innerty is from France and play a sort of hybrid beast Progressive Death Metal and Math Rock. Yes there are death metal vocals, so if thats not your thing looks elsewhere. Musically these dudes rip the landscape up in fine fashion when they are focusing on their progressive side. Trouble brews when they fall back on tired metal conventions in their songwriting. If this sounds at all delicious in anyway to you then I suggest you snatch it up.

Tabula Rasa (2012)

Here We Go Magic

I was watching an episode of Portlandia, and in one skit an acupuncture recipient was being treated to some awfully inappropriate music. The band kept switching songs, and one of them was titled Tunnelvision. It reminded me a great song of the same name by Here We Go Magic, a band I remember Ed Droste recommending on the Grizzly Bear blog. I liked them a lot from the videos I checked on youtube but never got around to checking their album.

Here We Go Magic make nice folky psychedelic pop with cool rhythms and great catchy vocals. Their third album is due in May according to their tumblr page, and in the meantime I suppose its time to check out their 2010 release, Pigeons, as well as what I haven't heard from their 2009 self titled debut. This track, Fangela, is from their self titled:

here we go magic

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Graph - "EP 2" - 2009

This EP contains nearly everything I like about music in one convenient, easy to swallow package.

Graph is your typical trio of guitar/vox/bass/drums. They are expert songsmiths, and they alternate with ease between full-band assaults and sparse sections that let the instruments speak to their full potential.

The vocal phrasing is interesting, the melodies are catchy, the sounds are compelling, and the songs make me feel things. Extra instruments are added to fantastic effect - I can't help but smile every time I hear the horns drop in during "Framed with Gold."

While some of Graph's other material is definitely worth checking out, with "EP 2" the band has put together a really tight, valuable work.

Graph - "EP 2" is up on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stations in the Valley

This comes recommended from Zefs Chasing Cara (one of my favorite math rock artists) so obviously it had to be checked out. Really nice driving indie rock with math rock flirtations. free download at the bandcamp. muah

Yeah Great Fine - Yeah Great Fine (2010)

Portland boys always seem to know how to mix the genre's into a delicious slurry of awesome. Yeah Great Fine continue this general position by angling themselves in a fairly unique way.  Lets cheat and at the fore front say guitar led indie rock. On top of this is a healthy dollop of sweet sweet pop music. This is mostly evident in the vocals and harmonies...kinda summery beach boys type progressions (the simple ones that is)  I can hear you thinking already  "jesus dude this sounds like your describing 100,000 bands" but wait theres more.  This is where the Math Rock steps in. A lot of it is yes the drums being awesome and all over the place but there is certainly some rhythmic complexity weaving in and out with the guitars.  Some of the songs do come off a bit generic when they dont try and stick their head above water to soak in the math rock rays of the sun as much as they should. Thankfully the EP rectifies this issue and injects some seriously saucy rhythmic jaunts. Makes me all the more excited for a full length.   

ps. im catching like a sun shiny maps and atlases with a less tap happy bent.

Yeah Great Fine (2010)
Circadian EP (2011)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

miRthkon - Vehicle (2009)

Angry Zappa? Avant-Prog? Jazz-Metal? R.I.O? ugh you prolly get the idea at this point. super tight compositions going on.

vehicle (2009)