Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chinook - EP

In the time between this post and now I have realized a few interesting things concerning Chinook's EP. This EP has grown on me like a spreading wild fire. The melodies have latched into my brain in such a fashion that has surpassed what I initially gave them credit for. Those guitar's seriously never waste a moment. The drums almost steal the show as well. While not altogether unconventional certainly both convey a sense of fun and serious ass rocking that seems to be lacking in a lot of post rock. I frequently blast this very loudly in my car while air drumming around town a favorite past time of mine. It's pretty much bullshit that more people aren't talking about these guys. Please if you didn't the first time around do yourself the pleasure.

Now we are in about the same realm of math as far as feeling but this Michigan quartet are far more melodic than my previous post. Some of the breakdowns here are really brilliant for math rock this driving. Its something that really hits a chord emotionally speaking so this is not something anyone should be going out of town for. Extremely well crafted indie rock tinged math. Very nicely produced as well which for intricate rock music gives you that much of a leg up.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Jezebel Spirit - I Hate it Here (2011)

Been following these guys for a bit kinda waiting for them to drop the big one...sigh. Half of the equation has been fulfilled as they are not together any longer but have this release to speak of. Thankfully its a straight looker. 

Aside from a fairly terrible band name these gents have some impressive pedigree behind them. Parts of "Bearcubbin" and "Duck. Little Brother, Duck!" are represented in this group, so you can only imagine that something good would come of this. 

This is post-rock that doesn't keep its fur lined winter parka on for a moment and yet has a great ambient and atmospheric quality to it. On the flip side there are some great mathy moments but really its a great showing of progressive instrumental post rock. A lot of really stellar ideas this is one not to miss at all.

Why more peeps haven't been slinging this is beyond my comprehension