Friday, April 1, 2011

Final Fantasy-This Modern Love

Still on the subject of Bloc Party, this is a really really cool cover of a song of theirs from Silent Alarm performed by the very talented Owen Pallett. Dude is a very talented musician, but his live covers are what kill me the most. He goes simple, just a guy with a violin and a RC50 loop station, building loops on the spot easily and flawlessly. His covers are all great; if you dig this i suggest checking Peach Plum Pear, a joanna newsom song he does great justice to. I wanted to post that, but this is equally as badass and a bit more relevant. Its also a great Bloc Party track.


  1. Large fan of Mr. Pallett.

    I will seriously buy someone a cookie if they can find out which album I previously posted that Owen plays on.

    and no I did not mention his name in the post.

  2. I feel like maybe...

    He was on that Frog Eyes record? They're Canadian too, right?

  3. Your on the right track as far as Canadian bands....but nope not Frog Eyes

  4. Then I guess it has to be The Most Serene Republic?

    Pallet's wiki doesn't spill the beans, that's for sure.

  5. Sea Snakes :). He has done a large amount of string arrangements for groups before he struck out on his own