Friday, April 1, 2011

This Music Moment-2007

Im not sure the exact date of the adventure that lead to this music moment, but at some point in the past, Metaghost and I packed our shit up and took the 6 hour drive to Ithaca college where we were to jam out with our good friend Stewie. Acerola was a friend of stewies, and we had met before on a few prior visits to the school. Stewies jam space was a garage next to a huge house where a bunch of film students lived, and one night we just jammed our hearts out, from about 6pm until at least 11. Endless jamming, practicing, recording our improvisations. Such fun stuff, but by the end of this marathon we were pooped and decided to take a break and check out what was going on in the house. We walked into the living room, where a party of about 11 people were gathered around a TV watching some music i had never heard before. Right as we walked in the room, this nice song started. It was a strange moment; everyone in the room knew what was starting, and were so excited that they all started dancing in their seats, or getting up to dance. I just walked a bit closer to the screen and for the first time heard The Talking Heads perform This Must Be the Place, from Stop Making Sense, their ultimate tour album/ video directed by brian de palma at the height of their game.

I had known nothing of Talking Heads, or this concert in particular, until this moment. Looking back at how i approached their discography, it was a great point to start at; I got Stop Making Sense, loved it immensely and then went right back to their debut album, buying another album of theirs chronologically until i wound back up at Stop Making Sense. I could go into great detail about what this concert meant for the band, and how wonderfully their band had grown- creatively and physically- as they gained momentum. Maybe, in another post.

stop making sense

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