Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alpha Male Tea Party - Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide (2013)

Been keeping a close eyeball on these guys for a bit now and had wondered when we would hear from them next. Well, here it is. This UK based group has opened themselves up a bit more to harder hitting guitars with certainly no shortage of chunktastic mathy turns. Track 3 "Go to the Ant, you sluggard" features some — dare I say — accessible vocals and is a standout single for sure.  Personally I would think men, woman, and children of all ages would find at least something here to really hold on to, but maybe I'm biased. Anyway it's in your best interest to take a peek because there are some really great moments going on.   

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Sad Pterodactyls (2013)

Math Rock Blue Grass? What will they think of next? Eh, I guess it's not too far off the map of tradition (swap out one guitar for banjo). While I do have some gripes with these guys, it's worth a mention for sure as they are poking their fingers out of the box a bit. The vocals? Wellllllll, they need a bit of work. Dude does fine when he's getting into it, but as far as just singing, maybe a bit more care need be taken. This doesn't detract from the overall vibe of enjoyment so not to worry.

Unsure if there really needs to be a tear drop on that pterodactyl. Guy already looks sad as hell.

P For Persia - Coral Canyon (2011)

2011 seems a bit dated than we are used to here, I realize — BUT! These UK spacey chip math indie noise beasts are releasing a split EP (Aegis Arctic Alp) tomorrow and as such you should all be on high alert (because it's awesome). Certainly check out Coral Canyon beforehand to get some fresh perspective before you dive headfirst into the EP tomorrow. It's some pretty scattershot music, but they do a great job of wrangling everything under one roof.