Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eat The Sun - In Case of Flood (2013)

The moons apparently have aligned for this incredible band to exist. A distillation of every exciting math rock moment you've heard jammed into a three minute song. Blinding fast turns and some ridiculous instrumentation all over this mother.

Eat The Sun are a four piece from Colorado.  The closest approximation of sound to another band would be the legendary You Slut!

Reason being? well both never rest on their laurels for long and there is a clear understanding of what makes a "memorable" guitar line. 

Points of departure? even 3 seconds in its very clear ETS have a sick knowledge of their instruments...meaning in a dual these cats would be hill topped especially those drums.

These guys are a lot of fun though really and honest to god your going to enjoy every blind twist they through in for you. I am finding it difficult to stop listening so that certainly means all of you fine folks out there sincerely need this in your lives.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Slaughterhouse 5

Some more than capable edgier math pop from Denmark. Very much enjoying the vox as well. insterested in more more more.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is Exploding - Lost Levels (2006ish)

A few items of high interest on this one.

SO This is Exploding is and has not been a band for awhile. They had one release before this that could be categorized as some pretty fun high energy power pop rock. Moving forward this set of song's which would have been the groups 2nd album was discovered by the singer years later and let loose. It is definitely on the more math pop side of life and for that it has fallen into my fortunate ears.

Item number 2 of interest is that 2/3rd's of this group went on to form the power bass death group known as Megachurch. 

Item number three is that this is incredibly profressional well crafted pop rock with math rock rhythms ands some pretty fantastic vocals. Jump on this is typical fashion.

Monday, March 4, 2013

An Anderson - Parts (2013)

Let me start by saying that Art rock is sadly not represented enough in math rock these days. 
An Anderson perfectly bridge discordant guitars and post-punk sensibilities into the herky jerk rhythms we crave.  

The point of failure in most art rock is cranking the guitar knob to "annoyingly abrasive". 
An Anderson balance some pretty inspired riffage with pop undertones to avoid this problem altogether. The post-punk vibe going on always lends itself well to labyrinthine structures and so ends the other piece to this pretty incredible pie. 

Megason - Glitch (2013)

(From Submission)
Three piece Megason hail from Tel Aviv, Israel and offer a pretty interesting math blend that everyone should be able to appreciate. 
At the core this is some balls to the wall metal level biz with some old school grunge. 
Dirty Math? 
From the metal stand point you can be positive that there are atomic level guitar riffs being layed out thick. Math heads shouldn't worry too much as the twists completed by the drum and bass should be enough to stop you from dancing in 4/ least for too long :)

Vox are pretty front and center also which tend to air on the side of 90's. Not a bad thing as the amount of old and new school flavors mix very well with each other.

Side note: I miss that guitar tone. anyone else with me on that?
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