Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eat The Sun - In Case of Flood (2013)

The moons apparently have aligned for this incredible band to exist. A distillation of every exciting math rock moment you've heard jammed into a three minute song. Blinding fast turns and some ridiculous instrumentation all over this mother.

Eat The Sun are a four piece from Colorado.  The closest approximation of sound to another band would be the legendary You Slut!

Reason being? well both never rest on their laurels for long and there is a clear understanding of what makes a "memorable" guitar line. 

Points of departure? even 3 seconds in its very clear ETS have a sick knowledge of their instruments...meaning in a dual these cats would be hill topped especially those drums.

These guys are a lot of fun though really and honest to god your going to enjoy every blind twist they through in for you. I am finding it difficult to stop listening so that certainly means all of you fine folks out there sincerely need this in your lives.

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