Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lost in the Riots - Kong (single 2013)

Who's happy to see Pumpkins out?!

Anyway, Lost in the Riots released a pretty accomplished full length earlier this year. Clearly not ones to rest on their laurels, we're being treated to a hot new single. This group of UK gents travel in the ancient art of instant post rock gratification by way of tasty math. I have to say the full length was missing a certain "spice"or other non specific word that could mean any number of things. How does the single fair? Well blow me down, we've got a winner. Tons of great moments exploding in just this track alone, so dive in or dine out. It's expensive to do that, so I suggest get to diving in and downloading.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vernon Wayne - Jazzes (2013)

Greetings and salutations, friends, I am back with yet another installment of math that will keep your peepers peeled. Today I submit for your approval —Vernon Wayne, a group from Minneapolis. Vernon bring your math rock via an indie rock/metal bent with some well-crafted song structures and more than capable vocals. One of the more subtle elementals I've been enjoying about them is that their dual guitar attack is a bit indebted to classic metal sounds. It may not be clear, but it's to Vernon's favor that they are able to synthesize more than a few genre that they enjoy. In the process they have distilled a pretty tasty beverage, an artisanal root beer in my approximation. Highly suggest their previous release (Prints *2011) as well which ups the math and metallic tastes but lacks the refined song structures of Jazzes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Control - Volition (2013)

One track featuring a UK based two-some... wait for it... bass and drums. While your brain is conjuring some blasty-aggro-shoddily-produced-mess this is leagues away. Control have a wonderful progressive backbone and move in and out pretty freely between mathy sections and post-metal yarn while always keeping a heavy hand on the melody button. These guys cover a disgusting amount of ground in six minutes and it's honestly over before you can bat an eye. Oh and that cover art of the boat? They play on it in their video, clutch biz.

Monday, September 2, 2013

El Hombre Trajeado - Shlap (2004)

Dialing back the clock a bit for y'all because it occurs to me that maybe people are not aware of these guys. There's a lot of focus placed (understandably so) on newer groups these days and it's important to gain perspective. Glasgow-based post-punk math rock group El Hombre Trajeado are an incredibly groovy and original sounding band who shut their doors in 2006. When I say original I mean that they certainly try some more left field stuff than a lot of groups these days. I highly suggest everyone grab all of their releases via bandcamp which they've made available to the public.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Soft Skills - A Future to Remember (2013)

SMACK — right in the ticker! Been waiting awhile to be taken at note one and here we are dear friends.

Soft Skills features two members of "Duck. Little Brother, Duck!" in yet another instance of the progeny being stronger and more focused than the progenitor. A couple of notable features running deep are awesome drums and a nice lighter indie math rock style. The icing for me though has to be the keyboard, a horribly underused instrument in this style featured front and center. Vocals? Yep, and they're pretty boss hog as well.

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