Monday, September 23, 2013

David Alfonso Martinez - summersalted (2013)

First, I'd like to get the obvious out of the way...I'm writing because these are some great solo demo songs. Dude's got a nice hushed vocal approach without sounding whiny. Varied instrumental acoustic attack as well with some nicely done Spanish guitar co-opting  which I can always climb on board for. As it says I'm all for getting rid of these programmed drums for a full band approach. David is clearly very comfortable with his cat and in reciprocating fashion the cat is asleep. But this is not cat sleeping music so show some love.

DAM (2013)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Emma Ate the Lion - Songs Two Count Too (2013)

Jesum, this is some incredibly self-assured progressive math. Massachusetts-based Emma Ate the Lion hurl some varied styles at the wall and they paint the picture of a group ready to take on anything. Post-hardcore breaks? Progressive structures? Time changes? Soaring vocals? all here firing in sync. The biggest asset these guys have (aside from everything) is that keyboard/organ player absolutely ripping it hard and dictating each song's next few steps. Vocals firmly throw this in the realm of math-pop but perhaps the most diverse pop I've heard in a dog's day. It's refreshing to hear a group so comfortable in a sound they clearly have crafted for themselves. While the genres are familiar the presentation is captivating to listen to unfold before you.

HIGHLY suggest that everyone with a passing interest in anything music related needs to check this out.
Dare I say this is my new favorite album? Certainly
one to dethrone on this last quarter of 2013.  

EATL (2013)