Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sea Snakes - Clear as Day, The Darkest Tools (2004)

Indie pop/rock 


This 2004 release has been in constant rotation for me since the day it came out. Sadly this would mark the Canada based Sea Snakes only release. While on the outside everything seems pretty par for the course, it is anything but that. Instrumentally there is a lot going on keyboard, guitar, violin, drums all being used to fill the space. Structure wise its almost unbeatable for the genre with extended instrumental passages and interesting left turns in the music. Even at their most "rocking" Sea Snakes do it their own way by using dynamics instead of pedals to get the point across. Vocals are wispy with cryptic albeit poignant and memorable lyrics. Clear as day has always been an album mans album, you simply can not just pick one song.  Easily in my top 10 of all time. 

Clear as Day, The Darkest Tools


  1. How come there's this whole cabal of dudes who try to sing like Nick Drake and just across super effeminate?

    This is good musics, but I wish dudes would stop singing like that. Gotta Man Up.

  2. Hahah well this certainly isnt "man up" music:) but yes the mark of nick drake looms heavy over a lot of gentle indie rock.

  3. Sure, it's not "man up" music, but I mean so much emotional resonance is removed from the voice when you just go all in on the soft wisp. I wanna hear some gravel under that air.