Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salt Cathedral - Salt Cathedral (2013)

Whoa from the first few moments you're going to have the fish hook lodged deep. Busy post-rock electro pop with some really juicy math tendencies AND sensational female vocals. Its a recipe for digging deep into this rich dish. Its always at the right amount of restraint and never plays into any one area more than another. The guitars are always playing some crazy little background licks while the drums dance around while the  forks down the movement with the angelic singing. I'm just being blown apart by this Brooklyn group while their music is re-assembling me. TOP PICK AHOY!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shipley Hollow - Costa Concordia EP (2013)

First off an apology as I dont get the chance to update the blog as much as I would like. My personal and professional life doesn't permit me to put as much focus on the blog as I would like. Also have to say lately a lot of what im hearing is pretty stagnant math. Exception's include a lot of recent local upstate NY stuff that ive been seeing as well as our insanely creative northern brothers in Canada (Montreal and Toronto particularly)

With that said, Shipley Hollow from Toronto have recently grabbed my attention and while previous items haven't really hit me across the nose I'd say they firmly planted one with their EP from October last year. A live recording can be a burden to some but it helps elevate these tunes to an intensely emotional level. Its the kind of math for drives at dusk, just busy enough to hold you close. Vocals (loving that spoken word piece) and the additional keys are a nice atmospheric touch that help set these guys apart from the herd.  More than anything (I always say) There needs to be that emotional connection like the group is invested in their music. There is much more going on here than memorizing transition's and time signature cue's. Would love to see these guys down my way lot's of high energy, great guitar interplay and spritely drums.