Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheval de Frise - Fresques Sur Les Parois Secrètes Du Crâne (2003)

 French acoustic Math-rock

With a Two piece, Cheval de Frise gain a greater ability to compose tighter and faster compositions. While seeming at times to be improv based, this is anything but. Time signatures are changed on a dime with almost razor precision. Thomas Bonvalet's acoustic guitar playing is highly influenced by a flamenco style.  It is a very unique take on what can at times be a genre filled with copy cats. If this doesn't sound incredibly melodic from my description you are very wrong. One of my all time favorites.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Trapped Tigers

UK Electronic Instrumental Math-Rock

Even the above is a poor categorization. This is instant joy out of the gates. Extremely calculated rock music. These three are all over the place and do it all so seamlessly. A noise rock passage morphs into an ambient piano part and into full on lock step math. Let me just say also that those drums and keyboard are flipping N A S T Y as all get out. I'm sensing a pattern :)

EP 1

EP 2

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad Dudes

Electro-punk math rock?
Having an ex and current member of mega sick prog demons Upsilon Acrux automatically makes your band that much cooler.
It helps that they are actually amazing. Songs are varied but always fun and it never gets too noodly. Great vocals going on.
Lastly current Upsilon Acrux member Phil Cobb on the keyboards is a dangerous man to mess with.

Bad Dudes - Eat Drugs

A. Armada - Anam Cara (2008)

 Equal parts Maserati and Cinemechanica
Explosive Athens GA instrumental post-rock
"The Dam was Split but the City was Saved"
is possibly in the top 10 of greatest post-rock songs ever. 

You can clearly hear both bands at work with some excellent math elements. 

A. Armada - Anam Cara (2008)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

You Slut! - Critical Meat (2008)

(UK) Alt. Math Rock

This is some seriously fun instrumental math rock. Its a grower however and I wasn't sure what the deal was.Eventually the riffs tend to stick in your head. Ever had a friend that had trouble staying on topic? well he plays guitar in this band.

Knot Feeder - Light Flares (2009)

Ex member of Don Cab Mike Banfield and Ex Tabula Rasa members this is straight up Pittsburgh Math rock with that classic 90's feel.  It is a strong release but there isn't much musical push behind it. Turn it on and rock.

light flares