Saturday, April 14, 2012

Community of Living Things - Various (2011 - 2012)

Community of Living Things is one Jonathan Markson. Having stumbled on his bandcamp through a series of back roads I was very pleasantly surprised and intrigued.  It seems that Markson has been putting out a couple songs every month since June of 2011. The range of material runs the gamut of indie pop, electro indie, mathy pop and instrumental rock. Some pretty excellent music going on here and as I have yet to go through everything so far what I have heard has certainly left an impression. Its just nice to see a level of heart and passion being put forth by one person.

Community of Living Things

You Slut! - Medium Bastard (2012)

La dernière fois sur beaucoup d'épées

Our over sea's riff barons are back with their brand new math rock release Medium Bastard. It has everything you've come to expect larger than life riffs, face bending time changes, excellent production and what has always made them a favorite the "fun" factor.  This time out there seems seems to be a larger division between the meaty metal influenced chaos and the more intricate fair which sometimes works in their favor. I still love the juxtaposition of the two going back and forth and on some they do just that. It feels like it has been forever since "critical meat" and its clear they have crafted a more involved song writing style. Thankfully as well you wont find any recycled riffs here.  What I felt like with the last release was that only time would tell if these riffs would truly stick and I'm getting a good feeling that they will.