Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Count One to Ten - Blue Building Blocks (2012)

Better late than never right?
2012 seems like a distant memory but I have plenty of hold over groups I just have not gotten to covering yet. Case in point is this fantastic Japanese group "How to Count One to Ten". Crisp and clean instrumental post-rock with some great interlocking rhythms. Some math rock love is yes implied within that last statement so no fretting yall.

If you're looking for twinkly slow plodding build up's you unfortunately are at the wrong blog and band for that matter. The melodies can get a little pastoral and nostalgic but we are all about that. A lot of the Japanese groups seem to have some kind of lock down on that kind of thing anyway. Yet again no skipping out on this guys and galls. must.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jonah Vin - From the Top (2013)

So it seems as though "Look Mexico" has formed their own mini label (Holy Hell Records) and have added a new group to the proceedings. Granted it does feature a couple of the same personnel it's an excellent first glimpse into the group Jonah Vin. There is certainly enough to get me very excited into what should be some very excellent indie flavored math-pop. Some great hooks and proper instrumentation go a long way with me. I'd never steer you wonderful peeps wrong so check it. Seems like this is officially being dropped sometime in July.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I thought by now I would be able to introduce this band via their newest album as it's been 4 years now since their debut came out (or any other news on them) but I still find myself coming back to it many times over. Besides the impressive song writing on display here what immediately drew me to this band is the jazzy drumming of Jonathon Bafus. Ever present yet understated at all the right times they anchor the numerous dynamic and emotional shifts throughout the album. It's not going to get your blood pumping with intensity but take the time to play this album end to end and let it wash over you. I would love to check these guys live, they seem so effortless and playful.

RIYL: Dismemberment Plan, Shipping News, June of 44



First post in awhile and it's a bit of an older one (my fellow swordsman have a habit of beating me to the punch on the newer stuff). Initially came across this DC band when I spotted their 2008 s/t on yellow/white vinyl for under $10 and took a gamble (I'm a sucker for colored LPs) but I was pleasantly surprised at the vintage math rock sound this album contains. Slinky guitars, tight drumming and enough twists and turns throughout to keep things interesting across eight tracks curiously named after a different kind of tree.

Until writing this, I thought they had all but disappeared but their bandcamp has 2 newer releases, a similar sounding EP called "Kosmische Cat" and a their latest LP "2607 Space Godz" which sounds like they decided to drop acid and forge a new sound. Won't rush judgement just yet but I stand by their eponymous debut, check er out.

RIYL: Faraquet, Ghosts and Vodka, Don Caballero


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flower Coronet - Circumstances Revised (2013)

So I'd dare say this wouldn't fit anyone strict definition of math but the influences are pretty clear. 
What we have here is a one man project that is based in folk. The sauce starts getting spicy with the heavy introduction of a lot of odd timing, experimentation and some interesting vocal melodies. 
Its a recipe for some wonderful and unique music. Not to be missed