Friday, April 26, 2013

Koala - TL;DR (2013)

The actual title of this release is "We are Like the Spider. We Weave our Lives and then Move Along in it. We are Like the Dreamer. Who Dreams and then Lives in the Dream."  This is a most unfortunate title.  Egregiously long titles are pretty hard to pull off, especially when the intention doesn't appear to be humor.

Koala plays a pretty ambitious brand of post-rock.  For a band so lavish with words, the compositions are surprisingly tight.  Layers of harmonized guitar snake through polite bass grooves and smartly-executed drums.  The tunes can be somewhat academic and polished, but it works well for the group - they're majorly enjoyable to listen to.  The songs are understated but kinetic - different parts are constantly popping in and out, and things never get boring.  Super clean production and instrumental proficiency allow some interesting timbres to speak up.

Koala has shown marked improvement with this EP.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drunken Forest - EP (2013)

I'm not even 10% sure I know exactly how to start this. Baffling I know. This was posted fairly recently on the math rock reddit page for those wondering how I stumbled upon this.

So we have here the work of one individual that is very obviously in love with a wide range of music. The one thing that does run throughout is the obvious love of Math rock and its rhythms. Have to throw in the progressive tag in as well for the odd breaks and runs. What I appreciate most though is the sense of experimentation that runs throughout these pieces. From one moment to the next you will be genuinely surprised and delighted, and it takes a lot for me to say it and mean that. There's horn samples, Traditional spanish guitar breaks, straight up tech metal and the icing on the cake.... A Fensler Films GI Joe PSA. Be still my beating heart. LOVE THIS <3

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How My Children Interpret "Math Rock"

From my albeit limited understanding of what this blog is "supposed" to be about I feel it important to share as many aspects of this genre as possible. Our primary goal here is to showcase new and exciting talent. However it is always important to reflect on not only what this whole genre means to us ...but also to those who will come after us.

My kids are aware of math rock in passing. They've listened to it before, but ive never sat down and discussed exactly what it was they were listening to. At their ages ( 9, 7 and 5) ((my 2 year old was alseep)) I don't feel like genre classification should be something for them to think about just yet. For the most part I let them make their own choices on the music they listen to. We all have mp3 players in the house and as the soul parent responsible for the music adding and subtracting (my wonderful wife leaves these issues to me) I do slip in things that I am interested in that I feel they would also like/think would be cool.

Olde Pine - The Steve French EP (2013)

Emo anyone? well not exactly.  Olde Pine have that familiar scream based early 90's feel. What interests me is that from time to time these guys do run away into some pretty catchy rhythmic breaks.I wouldn't call it "math rock" but it perked my ear holes to be sure. Check er out if your into that sort of thing.

Interview with Alicia and Mike of Oshwa

So you may remember a band that made quite a stir in the community with their release of their song "Old Man Skies."  That was Oshwa. Their distinct sound has been described in a lot of ways, it's even been referred to as "butterfly math pop". They are currently working on an LP that I am highly anticipating and I was lucky enough to get in contact with Alicia Walter for an interview with her and Mike both. And wow, let me tell you, I couldn't have asked for a better first Interview.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Minoans - Linear A (2011) + Linear B (2012)

Minoans are an electrifying trio hailing from the English Midlands. They come bearing two gifts, in the form of (1) somewhat short (but definitely sweet) album and (1) EP. Inside, you'll find just under 41 minutes of mathy emo goodness in total, complete with beautiful, resonant lyricism and that majorly great math rock instrumental work that you all seem to love so much. If you don't mind unique, poetic lyrics and vocals that are somehow seen by some poor, misguided souls as odd-sounding, (Come on, people! Unique is a much better word.) you're in for one hell of a listening session. What're you waiting for? Dig in.

You can find them on the Facebook as well as their own website.

Linear A
Linear B

Viridians - [sp] arrows EP

It literally just occured to me that I have been listening to this three song EP on repeat....and enjoying every flipping second. This Canadian group has the post-hardcore pop lite math thing thang down pat. Instruments are just the right amount of twitchy and complex with memorable chord progressions.  Its odd because they sound a bit familiar but more in an almost nostalgic way.  Compound that with some incredibly powerful vocals (including harmonies) and well shut the gate its a done deal. Do yourselves a favor and end your weekend with something nice and refreshing.