Sunday, April 21, 2013

Minoans - Linear A (2011) + Linear B (2012)

Minoans are an electrifying trio hailing from the English Midlands. They come bearing two gifts, in the form of (1) somewhat short (but definitely sweet) album and (1) EP. Inside, you'll find just under 41 minutes of mathy emo goodness in total, complete with beautiful, resonant lyricism and that majorly great math rock instrumental work that you all seem to love so much. If you don't mind unique, poetic lyrics and vocals that are somehow seen by some poor, misguided souls as odd-sounding, (Come on, people! Unique is a much better word.) you're in for one hell of a listening session. What're you waiting for? Dig in.

You can find them on the Facebook as well as their own website.

Linear A
Linear B


  1. We should get them to do the Plenty of Swords site.

    1. That'd be pretty awesome. Could quite possibly throw them a message on Facebook and go from there.

    2. When you say "do the Plenty of Swords site", do you mean "make a website for Plenty of Swords"?

    3. I think (?) he meant that we could get them to do a little mini interview for the site.