Friday, April 26, 2013

Koala - TL;DR (2013)

The actual title of this release is "We are Like the Spider. We Weave our Lives and then Move Along in it. We are Like the Dreamer. Who Dreams and then Lives in the Dream."  This is a most unfortunate title.  Egregiously long titles are pretty hard to pull off, especially when the intention doesn't appear to be humor.

Koala plays a pretty ambitious brand of post-rock.  For a band so lavish with words, the compositions are surprisingly tight.  Layers of harmonized guitar snake through polite bass grooves and smartly-executed drums.  The tunes can be somewhat academic and polished, but it works well for the group - they're majorly enjoyable to listen to.  The songs are understated but kinetic - different parts are constantly popping in and out, and things never get boring.  Super clean production and instrumental proficiency allow some interesting timbres to speak up.

Koala has shown marked improvement with this EP.

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