Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nasty Drummer Challenge- Dredg

A bit heavy, but oh so badass. Dredg started off as a sick creative band, but eventually they straightened out a bit under pressure from their label. Their debut was insanity though; Leitmotif is a hard rock dream album of epic flowing proportions. The songs all meld into one another; I was actually quite mad that the track im about to post doesnt flow into the next track. The album just keeps going, keeps ebbing and flowing through quiet and heavy. Dudeman on the drums knew how to open an album though. They just immediately kick it off with a bang, laying down sweet guitars and vocals, with the drums and bass locked into each other something fierce. Leitmotif and El Cielo are essential listening; the rest i have not heard, but what a great start. Hopefully these guys go all Incubus and put out some bullshit for a while to then reclaim their place*



  1. *disclaimer
    i have not heard any incubus post Make Yourself, which was mostly bullshit. but i have heard from friends that they are pretty sweet these past few years.

  2. I think Incubus's albums rank

    S.C.I.E.N.C.E , Morning View (nostalgia and just personal fave), A Crow Left of, Make Yourself (tie with) Fungus Amongus and Light Grenades

    so based on personal opinion I think you should at least give Morning View and A Crow Left of the Murder a spin. Light Grenades kinda sucks peen with maybe a pair of tracks I'd actually listen to more than once. both albums are definitely a far cry from S.C.I.E.N.C.E though haha

    (sorry for the long post, wanted to drop you a line since I think your blog has ill music)

  3. Thank you Eddie,
    I totally appreciate the feedback and response, Acerola has done a great job with this blog, and im glad to be a part of its unfolding. Incubus is a huge nostalgic favorite of mine; i went to a bunch of their shows, and i have this hateful memory of being a hipster kid in highschool seeing an audience of tween girls showing up at a concert of theirs on the Make Yourself tour, all singing along to Stellar and I Miss you and being turned off completely. That is unfair im sure, but at the time i was getting into heavier stuff and they were a far cry from Deep Inside off SCIENCE. From that point on i had fallen off their wagon completely, but friends have played me some tracks that i just now remember wanting to hear again.

  4. I can't speak on Incubus' progression, but Dredg just seemed to stagnate after El Cielo. Part of that opinion can be placed on my dissatisfaction with the rhythm guitarist's dependence on tremelo passages to create soundscapes, rather than tight melodic riffs, but I also found that the vocalist's particular style doesn't really fit within the band's desire to move towards a slightly more poppy sound.