Thursday, March 24, 2011

Passion Pit

Man, acerola, you are a hard dude to keep up with. I dont know how or where you find all of this music that you post, but you have somehow tapped into a fountain of youth for the ears. Seriously ya'll, give this dude some props. This blog is bumping with all kinds of things i have never heard before, and 90% of it is from our main man acerola. I was telling him that i have now got an itunes/ ipod folder called PlentyOSwords that is solely devoted to the things that i download from his recommendation on this site, and i still havent absorbed a third of it. Youve got an incredible skill for finding sweet tunes under the radar; keep it coming brother.

I wanted to step back a year or two and dive into an album i found on a whim that i ended up listening to endlessly for a few months. I was driving, running, and passively playing Passion Pit in the back and foreground of my life after i picked up Manners. it is just such great, melodic catchiness that permeates an entire album, and a debut at that. Although "they" technically released a 7 song EP before their major label product dropped, Manners is the place to start for Passion Pit. Chunk of Change was an EP that the singer released as a total solo project, songs he had written for a girlfriend while he studied at Emerson college. He started playing out live, and some Berklee cats nearby caught a show of his and formed the rest of his band. Then a year or so later, out came Manners, a fully realized electro pop extravaganza. They are a strong studio band, but live the dudes falsetto vocals suffer from the lack of production they can add to them on the spot. In the studio though, it is tight shit. Their first single from Manners is what blew me away. The Reeling is just one sweet bumping dance track.

The other big one from Manners was Sleepyhead, which i am sure i am treading water posting the video for, but its worth another listen if you havent heard it in a while. The entire album is this good; although there are some slower points for more lovey dovey songs, the full band is backing up the awesome melodies going on vocally, and you can really appreciate how quickly dudeman singer took his craft to the next level with 4 guys to bounce ideas off of.


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