Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nasty Drummer Challenge- Fleet Foxes

After reviewing my post, and again listening to the brilliance of Two Weeks by Grizzly, i was reminded of another standout performance from a band i wanted to share. Fleet Foxes have been consistently epic since they started, but i had not heard of them until i was sent a link to them playing a song on Letterman. Here they are, getting lots of spotlight while promoting their major label debut, and just at the top of their game for live performance. Such a great sounding stage for these guys; the overwhelming amount of reverb doesnt affect the performance one bit. The song is just upbeat, a bit moody or dark, and beautiful. They build wonderfully here, accenting their lovely vocal harmonies and letting those drums enter fully at just the right moment.


  1. A one Mr. J. Tillman, former drummer of our very own Saxon Shore :)

    In his early years Tillman was beast behind the kit. This video is evidence of that. When he left, Matt (the songwriter of saxon shore) showed up at a basement show I was playing in Horseheads! haha Very nice guy we met a couple times at my house to discuss taking the drum reigns but my school schedule didn't mesh.

  2. oh no shit, thats crazy. he is an awesome drummer